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Salalah in southern Oman presents a unique natural formation that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. The land is a desert for most of year, but during the monsoon months Salalah grows a beautiful cover of green foliage. The city of Salalah is also popular for its sandy beaches where tourists and locals can spend their free time. The waters near Salalah are also perfect for learning about under-water life. Salalah is an old city with a long history of being an important trade center. The relics of this long past are visible in the architecture of this city even today.

White label travel portals in Salalah are the easiest method for entrepreneurs to bring out the beauty of this city to the rest of the world. These online travel portals solutions are a low investment, but high reward business opportunity for people who have marketing acumen and can create solutions for customer problems.

Will a white label portal be able to compete with traditional travel portal development?

  • Traditional travel portal development refers to the process where a team of software engineers work together to create the code for a brand-new website for an e-commerce company
  • But this process is expensive and has become quite unnecessary in view of new developments in the technological field
  •  Now it is possible for business owners to purchase ready-made travel portals for their brands
  • This is called white label travel portal development and the pre-made portals are the white label portals
  •  Each white label portal is customized to include the name and branding of the client business
  • White label portals are much cheaper than creating a new website and they can be completed and ready for customers in less than a week
  • Trip Mega Mart is Oman’s top travel technology company. Trip Mega Mart creates B2B and B2C travel websites from pre-made frameworks. These sites are quick responding, multi-device compatible and have a lot of admin controls for non-coding content management
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are also scalable which means that the site can expand as and when the business grows and there is no need for a new site at each stage of growth
  • But there is an additional financial factor for Trip Mega Mart clients. They have to pay a small annual fee for their services from Trip Mega Mart. This annual fee is one-fourth of the total website price and is generally quite easy for clients to pay from their share of profits from their online business
  • The annual fee is however collected only from the second year of purchase to allow clients time to build up their clientele and a steady revenue inflow

How does a digital travel portal solve customer needs for the travel and tourism industry?

  • The first advantage of using a Trip Mega Mart site is the ability to reduce time consumed for travel planning. Going to different sites and booking different travel related necessities like flights and hotels can be quite inconvenient. But with a Trip Mega Mart site all travel booking engines are included in one source.
  • The sites have GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. The sites get real-time updates from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers and customers can complete their bookings from one place after comparing all prices. The same concept is also used for holiday package systems and car rental systems which run on GDS integration service.
  • The next piece of the puzzle is actually completing the financial transaction. For Trip Mega Mart clients, there is a highly secured native payment gateway built into each site. But business owners who want more diversity in payment methods can also easily integrate all popular third-party payment gateways with their site.
  • But all these features would go to waste without a good website design that is user-friendly. All Trip Mega Mart sites are designed to have an intuitive interface so that all customers will be able to use the site smoothly. The site design also includes lots of elements for customers to build brand recognition. Business owners customize their designs as much as they like to make it match their brand aesthetic. These customizations may require an extra fee, but it is a very miniscule amount generally.

So if you are ready to steer the ship of your own career and become an independent business owner in the travel and tourism industry, then contact Trip Mega Mart right away to start the process as early as possible.

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