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Bursa is a stunning Turkish city that was once a major center of the great Ottoman Empire. The history of Turkey is very intimately connected with the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire and Bursa has center-stage in this history. Today tourists can see the history of Bursa reflected in the mosques and palaces that litter the city and in the museums built by the local government. Bursa is also well known in Turkey for its large parks and swathes of greenery which soothe eye as well as the soul of visitors. Bursa tourism potential has been explored preliminarily in the last few years, but there is still plenty of room for growth and far-sighted entrepreneurs are hoping to take advantage of this growth with the help of travel portal development in Bursa.

Read further to learn how you too can join this list of online travel business owners in Turkey and build a profitable business venture with very little investment:

Start travel agency online in Turkey with no infrastructural costs

  • The physical travel agency offices of earlier times required lots of infrastructural expenses. So businesses moved to the cheaper online model. But even building a new site from the start can be a long-drawn and expensive process. So entrepreneurs in Turkey are now looking at a third, cheaper and faster solution – white label travel portal development.
  • In this travel portal development process a pre-made site is sold to a business brand and then the site is customized for that particular brand by adding its name and logo. Trip Mega Mart creates travel agency software using the white label framework and all the sites they create are quite affordable.
  • Trip Mega Mart creates B2B and B2C travel websites for their white label catalogue. Then business owners purchase a website from this catalogue. They can request some extra changes beyond the branding addition. These changes are charged separately but the charges are pretty low. The whole customization process can be completed and the site delivered to the client in a week time.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions can be operated from home and the business owner does not have to invest in any office infrastructure. But some Trip Mega Mart services require API suppliers that need to be paid regularly so there is a mandatory annual maintenance fee for all clients. This fee is 25% of website price, but the annual fee is waived for the first year of purchase to give time to the business to build its brand loyalty. Most Trip Mega Mart clients are highly successful and start earning a profit within the first year of business with the help of some strategic digital marketing campaigns.

How does a Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution catch the attention of customers?

  • Trip Mega Mart sites help to save the customer’s time with the help of their booking engines. Customers get real-time updated data from different suppliers all in one place and can make their final decision very easily. These booking engines include flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems and holiday package systems. Trip Mega Mart uses GDS integration service from top level providers to operate these booking engines.
  • Payment for the booking engines can be processed through Trip Mega Mart’s native payment gateway. This system has one-click transactions and plenty of security layers for protection from cyber criminals.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are also developed for very easy integration with most popular third-party payment systems for maximum variety of payment options for customers
  • A Trip Mega Mart sites operates the same way of mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktops. Customers do not have to download device specific applications
  • The site design for Trip Mega Mart sites is also a major USP for customers. All travel portal solutions have an intuitive user-interface that makes it very easy for customers to complete different actions on the site. But the UI design can also be heavily customized making it possible for each brand to have a completely unique signature look and feel to their website. This is very useful for building brand recognition among customers.

So do not plan and procrastinate any longer. Arrange your finances and contact Trip Mega Mart immediately to start collaborating on the business platform of your dreams. You will soon be able to call yourself a travel business owner with your very own digital solution.

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