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The town of Al Ahmadi is an important area of Kuwait. It is located in the southern part of Kuwait and is closely associated with the discovery of oil in the region which changed the fortunes of Kuwait. Kuwait is now a major center of the international oil and gas industry and Al Ahmadi is integral to this industry. Generally, people travel to Al Ahmadi from all over the world for various business purposes.

But in recent years this town has started to discover some untapped tourism potential. There are zoos, parks and museums in the city which provide excellent entertainment for tourists. There are also lots of high-end resorts and restaurants where tourists can enjoy authentic cuisine and beautiful views.

White label travel portal in Al Ahmadi is the perfect business right now for entrepreneurs of the area who do not have the budget to enter the oil industry.

Travel portal solutions in Kuwait: investment and expected revenue

  • All over the world the investment heavy, physical travel agency offices have gone out of fashion
  • This is now the aged of creating B2B and B2C travel websites to reach a wide global audience at one go at a much lower investment
  • But travel portal development is also no longer confined only to the domain of technically skilled developers and business owners
  • White label travel portal development has thrown the open doors of travel e-commerce to anyone interested in it
  • A white label portal is a ready-made website with various design and functional features, this site is customized for different clients by adding the name of their business brand
  • Trip Mega Mart is a leading travel technology company that operates in Kuwait and creates high quality white label travel portal solutions at an affordable price
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are scalable and compatible on various devices, so there is no need for entrepreneurs to even buy different varieties of the same site and this reduces initial investment even further
  • There are also various admin controls with each site making it easier for business owners to run their company without hiring professional help
  • The only financial liability of Trip Mega Mart clients is the mandatory annual fee that they have to pay every year from the second year of purchase onwards.
  • This annual fee is necessary for the Trip Mega Mart support service and for various third-party suppliers which provide services to Trip Mega Mart sites.
  • The annual fee is only 15% of the total price of the website and a majority of clients who put some marketing plans in place are easily able to cover this cost from their website revenue

The biggest crowd-pullers on Trip Mega Mart sites

Trip Mega Mart white label catalogue has a huge variety of tried and tested features and design elements. But some are particularly popular among customers:

  • Travel booking engines are extremely popular among all Trip Mega Mart customers. They run using high quality API supply and GDS integration service. Data from different suppliers is collected in real-time and displayed in one comprehensive format. It allows customers to book all their travel necessities from one source and they save a lot of time and effort. There can be car rental systems, flight booking engines, hotel booking engines and holiday package systems that run using this mechanism.
  • The next feature that has won the confidence of customers is the payment system. Trip Mega Mart sites have a native payment gateway which can process transactions quickly and maintain customer privacy and provide protection against cyber crimes. But if this is not enough the sites are also designed in a way that they can be integrated with most popular third-party payment systems as and when necessary.
  • But the most customer-loved feature of Trip Mega Mart sites is their intuitive user-interface which is very simple to use and provides a soothing customer experience. Business owners are also allowed to customize their website design to a large extent in terms of layouts, fonts, colors and even website themes. This makes it possible for business owners to make their sites an extension of their brand identity and create confidence and trust with the customers.

If you want to become a part of this elite group of people who have become successful, profitable business owners by making a small, but smart investment, then call Trip Mega Mart immediately and book a white label portal for yourself.

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