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Sultanahmet is a beautiful region in Turkey. It is a very old city of the region and has many beautiful relics of its long heritage. The striking Blue Mosque of Sultanahmet is recognized as one of the most gorgeous pieces of architecture worldwide. There are other churches, mosques and parks in the city as well which draw in lots of tourists. Historians, food lovers and scenic beauty watchers all have something for them in this city.

White label travel portal in Sultanah is the easiest way to reach out this large community of international tourists and build a successful and profitable business. Online travel portal solutions are low-risk business opportunities with great in-built capacity for growth and expansion.

How to make white label travel portal development profitable in Turkey?

  • The first step is to hire a white label travel portal development company
  • The days of building travel websites from scratch are now over. The process was too lengthy and expensive and all non-technically trained entrepreneurs had to completely rely on some hired employees to give shape to their business
  • A white label portal on the other hand is much cheaper and gives entrepreneurs more control over the final vision
  • In white label development a ready-made site is purchased by the entrepreneur and then the travel technology company customizes the site with the business name and logo of the client
  • Trip Mega Mart is an international travel portal design and development company that creates B2B and B2C travel websites which have already been tested and proven to be a hit among customers
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are affordable and flexible. The sites work on different devices and at different scales. Business owners need not purchase different sites for different purposes.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites also allow business owners to control their own content with a large admin panel that does not require any software coding
  • The only responsibility of a Trip Mega Mart business owner is to pay the annual fee of 25% of the website cost. This mandatory fee is collected every year for continuity of different Trip Mega Mart powered support services. This fee is collected from the second year of purchase to give business owners time to recoup the amount from their business revenue.

Travel features which are included in the Trip Mega Mart basic price package

Two essential features in all Trip Mega Mart sites are their booking engines and their payment processing system:

  • Booking engine – Trip Mega Mart sites have GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. This means that each site can use data points from multiple suppliers and display it all in real-time at one single source. This simplifies the task of the customer and is very popular among travelers. Car rental systems and holiday package systems have also been designed with the same basic technology.
  • Transaction processing system – there are two transaction processing systems. One is a native gateway with lots of data privacy mechanisms. The other option is using a third-party portal integrated with the Trip Mega Mart site. Trip Mega Mart designs all its sites so that most popular third-party payment gateways can be integrated with the site very quickly and easily.

Website design and its impact on customer psyche:

Website design can have a huge impact on user-experience and their ideas about a brand. Trip Mega Mart creates intuitive user-interfaces for a smooth and easy customer experience. The sites are easy to use and accessible for all kinds of people.

The site designs are also highly customized for each client. The business name and logo is included in initial pricing. But other design changes are also inexpensive. Clients use this facility to create a website design that is attuned to their target market and their brand identity. The website is the first interaction between customers and online brands, so a reliable site with distinctive visual appeal is very important for creating successful marketing pitches.

Conclusion: will your online travel business work?

Trip Mega Mart clients get a fully operational business delivered to them in less than seven days after booking. This business can be run from home by a single person with great success. But the business owner does have to out in some individual effort to build digital marketing campaigns that will start pulling traffic to their site. If you are ready for the challenge then book your appointment with Trip Mega Mart today to browse through their extensive white label catalogue and finalize your purchase.

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