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The city of Aden is an ancient port town with a history that dates back many centuries. Even now this beautiful city in southern Yemen is populated by a rich merchant community. Now the entrepreneurial spirit of the region is also reflected in its thriving tourism industry. Tourists from all over the world come to Aden to marvel at its historical forts and museums and to spend time along the rocky coasts of the city. This city is the perfect little bubble of Yemeni culture for tourists to immerse themselves into.

If you start a travel agency business in Aden now you will be able to use the opportunities offered by e-commerce and digital marketing to create a successful business with very little investment. Continue reading to learn how to execute this plan.

Create a B2B and B2C travel website for your e-commerce portal in Aden

The travel agency offices that travel entrepreneurs used to operate are now losing all relevance. These offices are expensive to run and are inconvenient for customers to visit. More and more business owners are now shifting to online travel portal solutions that do not require any physical infrastructure and can be run from home. These online portals also have a much wider customer reach and even international clients can avail their services.

Now business owners can of course choose to hire developers and build a fully new website for their travel agency software. But that process is expensive and may takes months to execute depending on the features that business owner wants. A much faster, cheaper and in a way more reliable solution, is to purchase a pre-made white label portal from a trusted development firm.

This is because Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development keeps in mind the different needs of customers and business owners and creates unique, attractive websites to match these needs.

Stand-out features of Trip Mega Mart travel portal development

  • The sites are all quite affordable and some basic branding like addition of brand name and brand logo are included in the pricing package. Clients who request additional customizations of features and designs may be charged a little extra.
  • Trip Mega Mart provides a support service for all their clients. This support service is mandatory for all clients because it is needed for the continuity of services from different providers for the sites. The annual support fee is 25% of the total website cost, which is a manageable amount for most business owners. The support fee is however not charged for the first year of purchase in order to give time to the business owners to build their customer connections.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are compatible with all kinds of devices without special installations. The sites can also be changed from a local to a regional to an international operating circle.
  • Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions also have various admin controls so that business owners can make small changes to their website content without needing to make any back-end code modifications.
  • Trip Mega Mart’s most effective feature is their travel booking engines running on GDS integration service. There are flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, holiday package systems and car rental systems all of which allow customers to make real-time bookings from a number of different suppliers.
  • The bookings are paid for through a payment system that is native to all Trip Mega Mart sites. This payment system has various security and data protection features built into it. Third-party payment portals can also be integrated with these native systems very easily.
  • Trip Mega Mart also has great web-designing teams that produce very visually appealing sites for their clients. The sites also have an intuitive UI for the smoothest and easiest customer experience. Clients can also customize and modify the website designs quite extensively to make it match with their branding and generate potential for instant brand recognition among customers.

Trip Mega Mart has a whole range of opportunities for business owners who want to enter the travel sector without too much stress or hassle. So do not wait any longer, book your Trip Mega Mart appointment today and start your business in less than a week.

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