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Doha is the capital of Qatar and is one of the world’s most happening tourist hotspots at present. Doha has something for everyone that wants to visit. There are historical sites, unique cultural experiences and luxury resorts on clear blue waters. Doha is Qatar’s most populous city and there are tourists from all over the world who join the throng of people populating this city.

Many entrepreneurs are now to start travel agency business in Doha because of the huge potential of its travel and tourism market. But it is important to remember that customer mentality has changed a lot in recent times. Customers no longer want to wait for hours at a travel agency office for their travel planning. They want quick, online solutions from reliable sources. That is why some far-sighted business owners in Doha are now shifting towards online travel portal development.

How to execute a digital travel portal solution in Qatar

The simple answer to this question is to hire a team of software developers and let them create a new website with all your business needs. But this process is expensive and time consuming and has become quire redundant with the appearance of another solution on the market.

In white label travel portal development, a ready-made site is sold to a business owner. The site is customized before delivery with the business name and business logo of the client. This reduces the time and the cost needed to create the online business. Trip Mega Mart creates B2B and B2C travel websites using white label development. Trip Mega Mart is the top travel portal design and development company in Qatar.

Trip Mega Mart sites are very affordable but have a lot of versatility and high-quality features. Site delivery is completed within seven days and there are various customizations that clients can request besides the basic branding changes. Once the site is delivered the business owner can start raking in profits immediately. There are almost no expenses for running this business.

The only expenditure that Trip Mega Mart clients have to make on a regular basis is the payment of the mandatory annual maintenance fee. This fee is one-fourth of the total website cost and is nothing compared to what most clients can earn from their site in a year’s time. The fee is also not charged for the first year after purchase to allow clients to save up after their purchase investment.

Trip Mega Mart’s customer-targeted features

Most of Trip Mega Mart’s features are targeted towards the customers who will use the sites from their different client brands:

  • Almost all sites come with a flight booking engine and a hotel booking engine. There can be a car rental system and a holiday package system as well. These booking engines use real-time information from various suppliers with the help of GDS integration service. Customers can plan their whole trip from one source without having to waste site comparing prices for different supplier sites.
  • Trip Mega Mart also includes a very high-quality payment system in all their sites. This system is security protected and can process transactions very quickly. This system is also designed for quick integration with third-party payment gateways.
  • The UI design on Trip Mega Mart sites is also very customer-friendly. The designs are intuitive to allow for maximum ease of usage. There is also no need for customers to download separate mobile or tablet of desktop applications. Trip Mega Mart sites are all multi-device compatible.
  • But the user-friendly UI of Trip Mega Mart is also very visually appealing to customers. There are plenty of variations and customizations in colors, fonts, layouts, etc to make each site unique and help it reflect its individual brand identity. Customers are known to instantly build brand recognition with Trip Mega Mart developed sites.

Trip Mega Mart puts a lot of thought and planning into creating personalized solutions for each of their clients. So, if you want to start your business journey with the best in the market, then Trip Mega Mart should be your go to solution for all travel portal needs. Make the call today and book the appointment that will change the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.

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