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This significance of Giza dates back to the medieval era. However, it is the magnificent architecture of the city that attracts millions of tourists to this place from across the world. The Great Pyramid, Solar Boat Museum, Pharaonic Village, and the Great Egyptian Museum are some of the iconic sites of tourist attractions in Giza. Though the idea to start travel agency online here is great, it is best for travel agents to approach the online market in order to cater to the global tourist population of this place.

Usefulness of a Travel Agency Software

There are many features of a travel portal that makes it an essential tool for agents:

  • Mobile Friendly: The accessibility of travel portals on mobile devices makes it a favorite tool for travelers. With a reputed travel mobile application development company such as Trip Mega Mart you can build a portal that travelers can access on wireless devices. With this feature, you can ensure maximum sales as well as loyalty of customers for a longer period of time.
  • Multi Language: When travelers look for online travel services, they are likely to prefer platforms that they can access in the languages known to them. This is why it is important to develop a portal that is available in the commonly spoken languages. Adding this feature can help you to reach more customers and offer your services to travelers belonging to different regions.
  • Flexible: Travel portal solution offers flexibility to travel agents. You can make changes to your products or the deals that you offer anytime without interrupting the workflow. If you do not wish to cater to a specific domain, you can add features to the portal that are suitable for your core processes.
  • Real Time Search: With a GDS integration service, you can offer your customers real time data on the availability of the different travel services. Travelers can check whether or not a certain hotel or flight is available on their travel date directly from your portal. They can also book tickets or hotel rooms in advance for their trips based on the availability.
  • Virtual reality: With a skilled travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can let your customers take a virtual tour of a property before they can place a booking request for it. This feature can help fabulous to better understand the property and choose accommodation that best suits their needs.

White Label Travel Portal in Giza

There can be many advantages of opting for a white label portal for your travel business.

  • Better Visibility - Reaching out to potential customers becomes much easier for agents with a tourism portal development. Instead of restricting your business to a specific location, you can expand your company across countries. Moreover, portals give you the opportunity to tap into the lucrative online market and enhance your visibility.
  • Multiple Collaborations - Portals allow you to partner with different travel service providers. If you wish to offer your customers a holiday package system, you can do it easily with a travel portal. By collaborating with the industry leaders, you can ensure that your customers receive a better service when they plan their tour with your agency. With an experienced portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can partner with multiple service providers.
  • Ease of Administration - The process of maintaining the administration of your travel business can become quite hassle free when you have a travel portal to rely on. You can integrate your portal to the cloud and ensure that you have access to your business transactions even in remote locations. You can also use a travel portal to prepare business reports and maintain a single platform for your company data.
  • Improved Customer Service - Using travel portals you can offer a better service to your customers. Instead of keeping the customers in long queues, you can resolve their queries instantly. You can also provide them with more choices of travel services by opting to create a travel portal with experts like Trip Mega Mart.

You can enjoy various such benefits by creating a travel portal for the execution of your business. You can add several features to your travel website and make it an extremely useful platform for both your customers as well as your travel business.

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