Start Travel Agency Business in UAE

Start Travel Agency Business in UAE

The seven Emirates that make up UAE attract a lot of tourists regularly. People come to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al-Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah to experience the luxurious and state of the art modern facilities developed here. World class shopping destinations are also a major tourist draw. The UAE also has some historically significant tourist spots that highlight its long heritage. There is plenty of scope of running a successful travel business in UAE.

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How to start travel agency business in UAE?

If you are interested to know how to start online travel business in UAE, you should know that the easiest way to do so is of course creating an online travel portal. It requires lesser investment than a traditional business; is faster to establish and also reaches a much larger number of customers.

TripMegaMart isthe best travel technology solutions companyin the UAE. Business owners can purchase their white label solutions and start their own online business venture. TripMegaMart is able to create B2B or B2C portals with API integration that is essential for a travel business.

GDS Flight API Integration in UAE

Each and every TripMegaMart portal is integrated with a GDS API system. This system is able to collect real time information from a number of different sources so that customers can book their tickets and hotels right from the website without having to complete these travel related tasks on different websites. TripMegaMart flight booking engines and hotel booking engines use the very best API providers available in the market at present.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in UAE

If you want to learn how to start online travel business in UAE, you should consider using a white label portal from TripMegaMart. The most important advantage of a white label portal is the ease of usage it provides to the customers. TripMegaMart portals have a payment portal integrated into them. Once customers get the data from their flight/hotel booking engine they can make their bookings and pay for it online. The payment portals are very secure and there is no risk of lost funds when transacting with their portal. The payment process is also simple and quick loading.

TripMegaMart has a team of very skilled of website developers working on their team. This means that their websites are very well designed. The user interface is easy to navigate and most customers with just rudimentary knowledge of operating computers/mobiles will be able to view these portals intuitively.

International travel portal development in UAE

TripMegaMart travel portals are also appreciated for their scalability. A customer can scale up the website from a local level to an international level depending on the kind of customer-reach that they want for their business. UAE gets a lot of international tourists every year so scalability is an important necessity for business owners.

These websites also have strong back-end services so that there is no decrease in operational efficiency even when there is a heavy flow of visitors to the site.

The websites are also designed in a way that admin accesses are allowed. A business owner with admin access can easily update or modify the packages and other travel related products listed on their website. This feature ensures that information on the website is always updated and there is never any lack of clarity or transparency in the business.

TripMegaMart travel portal development in UAE is also customizable. The business owner can make important decisions with regards to the look and functionality of their website. They can add features which will contribute to their business model as well take design related decisions.

Each website has the name and logo of the client business. Clients can also choose the colour scheme, fonts and layout or other aesthetic elements. The overall visual appeal of the website remains high without compromising on its easy of usage and functionality.

White label travel website development cost in UAE

White label websites are usually a little less expensive than full website development from scratch. This is why it is a preferred option for many businesses. But it is very important to choose a reliable white label service in order to ensure customer satisfaction with the service.

TripMegaMart is one of the top choices when setting up a travel agency business in UAE. The websites are very reasonably priced and at par with industry standards. There are a number of different website development plans each with a different price range. Clients can choose the plan they want. There may be some additional charges for extra features or customizations. Travel agent portals can also be integrated into the website for some additional cost. There is also an annual charge which will have t be paid by the client business for continued use of their API and maintenance services. This annual charge is usually 25% of the total price paid for website development.

If you are a business owner in UAE who wants to expand their travel business with low investment and take advantage of UAE’s growing tourism industry, then contact TripMegaMart right now in order to get all your online necessities set up.


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