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Al Muharraq is one of the largest cities in Bahrain that also serves as a major contributor to Bahrain's tourism. Known for its local market with traditional artifacts, Al Muharraq offers tourists an authentic experience of the Middle East. Muharraq Club, Amwaj Islands, Arad Fort, Busaad Art Gallery, and the Asry Beach are some of the popular spots in Al Muharraq where tourist gatherings are common. As the city is getting more and more recognition as a must-visit tourist destination, the scope for travel agents to start travel business online here is also increasing.

As tourism is an essential part of the economy of Al Muharraq, it is undoubtedly a great idea to start a travel business here. But catering to the global travelers can be difficult without an online platform. This is why travel portals are an important inclusion to the business model of a travel agency.

Features of Travel Portals

Portals have certain features that makes them an irreplaceable tool for the travel industry.

  • Payment - One of the best and most useful features of a travel agency software is the integration of payment gateways. This feature allows travelers to pay directly for their reservations on the website of service providers. To ensure the protection of the financial data of your customers you can hire professional portal development companies such as Trip Mega Mart.
  • Bookmark - Another feature of a travel portal that attract the new age travelers is the option to bookmark their favorite services and service providers. This feature helps travelers to save time when booking hotel room or other travel products. Travelers can save their preferred airline suppliers in the list of favorites and check their availability status easily without spending time on searching for them.
  • Mobile Version - Accessing portals on a mobile friendly interface is another useful feature of a travel portal. This feature helps in ensuring that travel agents are able to gain customers from different locations. By hiring a travel mobile application development company, you can obtain a portal that is accessible on mobile devices.

Significance of Travel Portal Development in Al Muharraq

There are several benefits of using a portal for travel businesses.


With the services of an experienced travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart you can customize your portal and tailor it to suit the specific needs of your business. Customization gives you the opportunity to opt for features that can add value to your brand. Instead of overloading your website with multiple functionalities, you can choose to add only those features that would help you to meet your business goals faster.


Hiring a professional travel website/portal development company will allow you to align advanced technologies to your portal. This, in turn, can help you to increase the productivity of your business by conducting a number of tasks in much less time. You can also improve your customer service by resolving the issues of your customers faster and without keeping them waited for too long.

Cost Reduction

Travel website/portal development cost with companies like Trip Mega Mart can be quite budget friendly. This means you can grow your business effectively with travel portals but without incurring a huge expense. Portals allow agents to cut down on their resources. You can operate with minimum resources without causing any harm to the quality of your services. You can also perform multiple functions with portals using single 

Business Expansion

By opting for a travel portal solution, you can the process of growing your business. You can connect with a greater number of customers by using a portal for your travel business. With greater number of customers, the chances of gaining recognition for your brand will increase greatly. You can also add different kinds of travel services to your business with the help of an efficient platform built by experts like Trip Mega Mart.

Travel portals can, thus, play many important roles in helping your business grow to its fullest potential. You can add various features to your portal to make it useful for your business and to successfully start travel agency online. Once added with relevant features, travel portals can emerge as a great tool for managing your business effortlessly.

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