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Hawaii is an archipelago located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is formally a territory of the United States of America and has become a permanent fixture in public imagination of the country because of its exquisite natural beauty. Every year millions of people from the USA and all over the world pour into Hawaii to enjoy a few days on soft sandy beaches along crystal blue waters.

Tourists can relax and make merry on the beaches or take part in adventurous water sports, there is something for everyone here. Tourism is already a very well-developed industry here and most of the region’s economy hinges on it. But as physical travel agent offices gradually become obsolete, it is a great time to invest in a white label travel portal in Hawaii and get ahead of the curve in a competitive market.

Can my online travel business survive in Hawaii?

There are many competitors in the travel and tourism sector in Hawaii, but the online tourism industry still has plenty of room for growth and entry of new brands. The key is getting in quickly. Business owners now do not have to waste endless months waiting for their developers to complete their site. There is now a much easier and faster method to become the owner of an online travel portal solution. This method is white label travel portal development:

  • In white label development, a business owner purchases a pre-made site which is cheaper and can be delivered in just a few days
  • This site is then customized with the business name and logo of the client business and other changes can also be made if the client is ready to pay for it
  • A travel technology company that creates B2B and B2C travel websites of excellent quality is Trip Mega Mart
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are affordable, multi-device compatible, have a lot of non-coding admin controls and also allow plenty of customizations

  • There is however a small recurring fee for clients. They have to pay an annual maintenance fee which is 25% of their total website cost. This covers support service and third-party suppliers used by Trip Mega Mart. Since this fee is only charged form the second year of purchase, most clients are able to build a steady stream of revenue from their site by then and can cover the annual fee quite easily
  • Trip Mega Mart has a huge variety of white label features and designs and final product delivery takes less than a week

Features that will take your Trip Mega Mart white label portal to the next level

  • Make sure to add GDS integration service to the list of site features. This will allow the site to run various real-time flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, holiday package systems, car rental systems and so much more. These engines take information from multiple suppliers and compile it all in one place to reduce the effort of customers.
  • The payment systems on Trip Mega Mart are generally quick-processing and they have security layers. But if you want to offer your customers more variety, then Trip Mega Mart sites are designed to allow for easy integration with most popular third-party payment processing systems.
  • Spend some time on your website design. All Trip Mega Mart sites have an intuitive, easy to use website design. But that is not enough. Customers interact with an online brand primarily through their website, so this website should be a real reflection of brand identity. Additional design customizations (beyond business name and logo) for Trip Mega Mart sites are quite affordable and you should take full advantage of it. Tinker with the colors and fonts and layouts till you get a site that is distinctive, has visual appeal and will help to cement your brand identity in the mind of customers. It is this brand identity which will form the basis of social media campaigns and marketing drives to bring customers to the site.

A travel business based out of Hawaii will always get a lot of website traffic simply because of the huge demand for travel to this region. So if you want to become an independent business owner, the travel industry is the best place to make a small investment that can reap huge rewards in the future. Call Trip Mega Mart today and finalize your travel portal purchase.

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