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Irbid is a popular tourist destination in Jordan. Embedded in the culture of the city is the Roman history that also reflects in the architectural beauty of Irbid. The museums and local Yemen foods are prominent attractions among the visitors to this city. The Jerash Archaeological Museum and Hadrian's Arch are the other popular tourist sites in Irbid. As the tourist population is quite huge here, it is not uncommon to find agents successfully conducting their travel businesses. But the best way that one can start travel agency online in Irbid is through travel portals.

Travel Portal Features, Here are some of the features of a travel portal that make face an important tool for travel businesses:

  • Multilingual: You can make your travel agency software accessible in multiple languages to help travelers from different locations to use your services. This is an important feature for a travel portal due to the cross-country nature of the travel industry. You can also optimize the content of your website to make it relevant to the users of different languages.
  • Payment Integration: You can use a travel portal solution to receive payments from your customers for their reservation directly on the portal. Hiring professional portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart will allow you to integrate reliable payment gateway to your travel website. This will help you to offer complete security to your customers in terms of their sensitive financial data.
  • Filter Menu: You can add to your portal different options using which travelers can filter their search results and easily obtain the desired information. This feature allows you to add relevant products to the platform. With the expertise of a good travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can understand what kind of options customers look for to narrow down the search results, you can optimize the content of your platform and increase the traffic on it.
  • Mobile Accessibility: You can build a mobile friendly interface for your travel portal by hiring a travel mobile application development company and allow travelers to access the platform on their smartphones. This is an important feature for travel portals as most travelers prefer mobile friendly websites for their bookings. This gives them the freedom to login to their account and make changes to the purchases made on the go.
  • Pricing: Travel portals allow you to keep your customers updated on the prices of your services in detail. If you offer a holiday package system on your portal you can let your customers know all the charges that are included in the package. In addition to this, you can post the latest offers or changes in your pricing directly on the portal and maintain transparency with the customers.

Benefits of Using White Label Travel Portal in Irbid

Using a portal can help in the growth of your business in many different ways.

  • 24*7 Service - You can use a travel portal to provide interrupted support to your customers throughout the day. Portals allows you to design auto responses with which you can offer immediate answers to the queries of your customers. You can also send notifications to your customers and give them update on their booking requests immediately after they make the request on your portal.
  • Multiple Integrations - With the help of a skilled travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart you can use your portal to collaborate with multiple service providers. One of the best features of a travel portal is that you can have a single platform for all the different services that you choose to offer.
  • Efficient Functioning - Opting for a tourism portal development gives you the chance to improve your services and function more efficiently. As you can use different technologies with travel portals, you can reduce the turnaround time needed to process the purchase requests of your customers. You can not only speed up your processes but can also offer more accurate solutions to the customers.

There are many such advantages of using a travel portal for your business. With the help of experts like Trip Mega Mart you can implement various useful features to your portal and obtain a reliable platform for the smooth execution of your travel business.

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