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Medina is known not just as a holy Islamic city but also as a beautiful and peaceful destination to be at. Bring open to non-Muslim visitors, Medina offers a glimpse of its breath-taking mosques to the millions of travellers who arrives to this place to spend their holidays. Mount Uhud and Quba Mosque are among its most popular tourist attractions.

There are several restaurants where travellers can enjoy different mouth-watering dishes. As the tourists are from different parts of the world, it is important that agents who plan to start travel agency online in Medina has an online platform to connect with the travellers.

Features of White Label Travel Portal in Medina

There are various features that you can add to your portal to enhance its value for your business:

  • Quick Login: Accessing a travel agency software is quite an easy and convenient process as travellers can store their login details on the platform. This enables them to use their account without spending time entering the login credentials. Moreover, portals allow customers to add their preferred travel services in the list of favourites, which they can later access without searching for them once again.
  • Mobile-Friendly: With a skilled travel mobile application development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can design a mobile friendly portal for your favorite business. A portal that can be accessible on smartphones attracts more customers as travellers prefer mobile friendly applications over their desktop versions. These applications make it easier to book travel services as travellers can use them from any location.
  • Real-Time Search: With a GDS integration service on your portal you can allow customers to search for travel services on a real time basis. This means travellers can book hotel rooms or other travel products based on their current availability status. Travellers can also check availability of the services for future dates and compare the prices quoted by different service providers.
  • Multi-Currency: You can use a travel portal to conduct transactions in various currencies. Travel industry involves travellers residing in different parts of the world. If you are offering online services to the travellers, you need to be flexible with your payment choices and modes. With an experienced travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can accept payments from your customers in the popular currencies.
  • Cloud-based: Hiring a reputed travel technology company will allow you to add the latest technologies to your travel portal such as the cloud. Building a cloud based platform can help you to maintain track of your business transactions with less hassles. You can access all your data from remote locations. You can also maintain a single platform and allow your employees to access the important information from a single source.

Benefits of Using Portals

There are several benefits of using a portal for your travel business.

  • Customized Services - With travel portals you can organize customized services for your customers. This becomes possible because you can use portals to analyse purchase decisions of the buyers. Using this information, you can design services like a customized holiday package system that will be more appealing for the travellers using your services.
  • Better Visibility - You can increase the visibility of your brand by building a good travel portal with a reputed travel website/portal design & development company  like Trip Mega Mart. As portals allow you to connect with the consumers of the online market, you get to enhance the popularity of your business to a great deal.
  • Less Dependency on Resources - Another advantage of opting for a Travel Portal Solution with professional companies like Trip Mega Mart is that you can operate with less dependency on manual resources. Using technologies like chatbots, you can address the queries of your customers with auto responses. Instead of employing resources to offer service to customers throughout the day, you can simply switch to auto responses and resolve the problems of your customers with greater accuracy.

There are many ways that you can benefit from using a portal for the execution of your travel business. The various features that you can add to your portal helps in ensuring that you can use the platform to increase the success rate of your business and ease the process of managing your agency.

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