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Ar Rayyan is one of the most beautiful places in Qatar where travelers from different countries arrive to explore the land. The Education City, MATHAF Arab Museum of Modern Art, Al Wajbah Fort, Al Karaana Lagoon, Aspire Park, Villaggio Mall, and Dar Al Salam Mall are some of the popular places among the tourists. As it may not be too easy for travelers to arrange accommodation or other services in this popular tourist destination, travel agents opt for a portal to address the needs of the travelers. So, if you are planning to start travel business online, it is important that you consider building a travel portal by an expert.

Features of Travel Portal SolutionTravel portals offer various useful features that can help agents to utilize it to run their travel business efficiently:

  • Easy Booking: Using a travel agency software built by experts like Trip Mega Mart, you can offer a user-friendly platform to the travelers through which they can place booking requests conveniently. Portals allow agents to collaborate with multiple service providers. This helps in speeding up the process of confirming booking requests to the travelers. This can also help in processing cancellation requests made by the travelers as well as keeping them updated on the current availability status of their chosen services.
  • Google Maps: With the assistance of an experienced travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart you can integrate your travel portal to the Google map. With this feature you can allow travelers who book accommodations with your agency to gain an accurate location of the property. The customers can also use this feature to obtain more information about the locality where the property is situated. In addition to this, travelers can review hotels located in the region and compare their prices to find the best deal.
  • Predictive Search: Adding this feature to your portal will allow you to offer the travelers a drop-down list that will pop up as soon as the user types some text on the website. This feature helps travelers to find the desired information easily without having to enter details before they can find the exact information. You can also use a predictive search to help customers find the commonly asked questions and, hence, obtain more information on the subject matter.
  • Payment Gateway: By hiring a reputed travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can integrate a secure payment gateway to your travel portal. This feature helps customers to pay for their purchases on the portal itself instead of getting redirected to a third-party website. This can help travel agents to gain the trust of the travelers and also form a long-term business relationship with them.

Why Opt for White Label Travel Portal in Ar Rayyan?

Here are some of the benefits that agents gain from using a portal to run their travel businesses: 

  • Better Visibility - Tourism portal development gives travel agents the opportunity to gain more recognition for their business. As you are able to operate from the profitable online market using portals, the chances of you getting visibility among the travelers increases to a great deal. You can also market your products better using travel portals then you could have by operating solely from a physical office.
  • Quick Service - By hiring a professional travel website/portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can design an efficient travel portal for your customers. A well-built portal will let the travelers enjoy a seamless navigation through your portal. They can obtain the desired information more conveniently and also place purchase requests without any hassle.
  • Product Choice - By opting for a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration to your portal, you can partner with multiple service providers and offer a diverse range of products to the customers. With a GDS integration, you can let your customers access the inventory of your partner service providers. The travelers can gain accurate information on the availability of the services that they choose to avail.

These are some of the ways that you can benefit from using a portal for your travel business. Depending on your specific requirements, you can add different features to the platform and make it an irreplaceable part of your business.

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