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Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia is a dream destination for travel enthusiasts. This city epitomizes modern luxury, but blends it all in with the traditional culture of the region. Millions of tourists from all over the world come to Riyadh every year to experience this unique city. The city also has numerous museums that highlight the long history and stunning culture heritage of the Arabian Peninsula.

But travelling to Saudi Arabia takes some careful planning on the part of tourists – they have to book travel arrangement and living accommodations. Entrepreneurs of the region are also discovering the potential of this market and starting online travel agency businesses that can meet the varied needs of international tourists.

Learn how to create B2B and B2C travel websites for Riyadh tourists

  • The easiest method to build an online travel portal solution is through white label travel portal development performed by a reputed brand like Trip Mega Mart
  • A white label portal is basically a pre-made website that can be personalized and customized for different business owners and different business brands
  • Once a customer contacts Trip Mega Mart for their white label travel portal solution they are given a wide catalogue of features and designs to browse through
  • The business owner chooses the site format they like, and then they suggest the kind of customizations they want
  • All the necessary changes are made to the site and it is delivered to the client within a week’s time
  • Trip Mega Mart travel portal development is quite affordable and much cheaper than trying to build a brand-new website from scratch
  • The sites also have multi-device optimization and have full scalability in terms of local/regional/international operations
  • Trip Mega Mart sites also have many admin controls so that website owners will be able to manage their own content after purchase of the site, without any professional software developers
  • But Trip Mega Mart also offers a support service with all their sites. This service is free for the first year and from the second year clients have to pay a mandatory annual maintenance fee (1/4th of the total initial cost every year)

What are the most attractive features of Trip Mega Mart travel agency software?

One of the USPs of Trip Mega Mart white label portals is the fact that they have very high quality GDS integration service. This allows the sites to run real-time booking engines. Trip Mega Mart portals can have flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems and many more such systems which are powered by GDS API integration. These engines collect data from various suppliers and display them in one comprehensive format, saving a lot of time and effort for customers.

Customers can pay for all their Trip Mega Mart site bookings with the help of a native payment system that is built into the portal. This system has various security measures to protect data privacy of customers. Most popular third-party payment portals can also be very easily integrated into Trip Mega Mart sites to make it easier for business owners to offer their customers a variety of payment methods.

Another major feature of Trip Mega Mart sites is their website design. All the sites have an intuitive user-interface which is very easy to navigate. But the design is not simplistic or generic. Each design element has been carefully planned out for maximum visual appeal and ease of usage. Clients can also customize various design features like colors, fonts, etc. to make the overall website more appealing to their ideal customers whom they are targeting.

A Trip Mega Mart site is a self-sufficient business plan that can be run from home with very little expenditure on infrastructure. Clients only need to drive the initial traffic to their site with proper digital marketing. Then the site will automatically be able to grow its customer base through word of mouth. The quick responsiveness, secure native payment systems and robust backend of Trip Mega Mart sites make them a favorite among regular travelers.

So do not waste any more time and put in your order for a site from Trip Mega Mart today. Begin your business journey with a solid digital platform to build a loyal group of customers who will want to explore Riyadh and all other popular tourist cities of Saudi Arabia.

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