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Jeddah is a picturesque port city of Saudi Arabia. This city is located on the Red Sea and acts as the main entry-point for tourists visiting the country. Pilgrims who want to visit the holy Islamic sites of Mecca and Medina often travel through Jeddah and spend some time there.

As a result, Jeddah has seen the establishment of a large number of hotels, restaurants and resorts in the area. Now some digital travel related industries are also coming up in the area. Travel portal development in Jeddah is allowing many new entrepreneurs to enter the e-commerce industry and serve customers from different nationalities and backgrounds.

You too can start online travel agency business in Jeddah: 

  • The first step to creating a travel portal solution is to determine the method one will use for the process. The most straight-forward method would be to hire a team of software developers to create a new brand website. But this will be a lengthy and expensive process. So the next best method that most business owners opt for is white label travel portal development.
  • In white label development, a pre-built website is customized for different clients. This makes the sites cheaper and delivery much faster. But the decrease in price and delivery time does not mean a compromise on quality. Top of the line travel portal design and development companies like Trip Mega Mart are creating B2B and B2C travel websites using the white label model that can hold their own against any traditionally built site from scratch.
  • Trip Mega Mart portals have a robust back-end, are exceptionally responsive and are compatible with all types of devices and browser applications. The sites also have full scalability of operations and businesses can cater to either only local/regional customers or to full international clientele.
  • Travel portal development using Trip Mega Mart creates self-sufficient businesses that anyone can run from home without investing in any extra infrastructure. The only continuous expense for these business owners is the mandatory maintenance fee that all Trip Mega Mart clients have to pay every year (15% website price per annum).

User-experience on Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions

  • Trip Mega Mart is known for providing seamless customer experiences on all their sites. Firstly, each site is individually customized with the business branding of the client alongside other design preferences mentioned by the client. The result is a unique site with specific appeal to the tastes and sensibilities of the target demographic of that particular business.
  • The user-interface is however not just eye soothing, the designs are also intuitive and very simple to use. This simplicity is an essential factor for customer retention and contributes significantly to the financial success of Trip Mega Mart business owners.
  • But the main features that help Trip Mega Mart sites stand out from the crowd includes the GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. This allows customers to book flight and hotels from different suppliers through one single web-page. All the booking info is updated in real-time and the bookings are confirmed immediately after completing the action so that there is no confusion in the future.
  • The GDS system can be used for other types of booking engines as well like holiday package systems or car rental systems.
  • Trip Mega Mart even has its own system of native payment gateways built into each site so that customers can complete their purchases from different suppliers. These payment gateways have data protection and cyber-security checks at multiple levels. The sites are also designed to be conducive to easy integration with most other popular third-party payment portals.

Success in the travel portal industry depends primarily on the quality of the portal and the ability of its management to gain attention from customers. Trip Mega Mart sites are proved and tested to be reliable and effective digital travel arrangement platforms. The only remaining aspect of marketing and advertising needs to be carefully dealt with by the business owner to ensure a profit-making business. So, if you have your social media campaign plans ready to launch then it may be high time for you to contact Trip Mega Mart and purchase the site to kick-start your business.

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