Online Travel Portal development in UAE

Online Travel Portal development in UAE

There is no good time to start a travel agency business in UAE, because the good time to start a travel agency business online in UAE is right now! The travel and tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. There is a myriad of opportunities right now on how to start a travel agency business in UAE using a Trip Mega Mart portal. The travel portal development cost is an investment that can yield significant returns, given the lucrative nature of the travel industry. A huge chunk of money for travel agencies comes in the form of commissions and fees for services. Although the sources of service money have undergone a shift over the years, there are newer sources of money that are created. Considering the travel portal development cost as an initial investment, the potential for high returns makes it a worthwhile endeavor.


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Although some airlines do not pay commission or stopped the practice of paying high service fees, travel agencies still earn a lot of money in UAE by other means. There are so many ideas to start online travel agency business in UAE that travel agencies could find new ways to create income. Some of the constant sources of income for travel start-ups ideas in UAEare from accommodation services providers, transport services providers and tours operators. All of which are managed efficiently by using Trip Mega Mart portal integrations.

For those planning to start travel business from home in UAE this is music to ears. Because not only is the cost to start online travel agency business in UAE low because of Trip Mega Mart portal, but the returns on investments are high as well.

How can travel agencies provide value with online travel portal development in UAE?

Transport and accommodation booking

Traditionally, travel agencies would have fixed set of accommodation and taxi services providers. This is not really how to start travel business online in UAE, because times have changed thanks to Trip Mega Mart portal technologies.

For decades together, these travel agencies would not change their services providers, while the modernized travel agencies were smooth-sailing on the benefits of white label travel portal in UAE. Customers got the same services from a travel agency, time and again. Even if the customers were not satisfied with the services, travel agencies would not change their services providers, unless a majority of customers felt this way.

Now the question arises, as to why this happens to certain travel agencies who explore travel franchise opportunities in UAE without proper awareness only later realizing the importance of Trip Mega Mart portals. It’s because these traditional travel agencies do not have the technological infrastructure by way of B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in UAEto adapt.

Most of their processes might be manual. There could still be old-world data entry mechanisms in Excel sheets, collating of the information, and sending the information across through age-old mechanisms.A far cry from awakened travel agencies that use Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE.

The newer breed of travel agencies use robust technological infrastructure by way of B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAEto back their present and future business needs. They can change service providers at a moment’s notice.

All that it takes is a simple code-hook in the backend to change the integration from one service provider to another. This kind of flexibility and adaptability of the B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE process, allows travel agencies to provide quality transport, accommodation and several other allied services to customers.


Travel agencies can double up as travel consultants by providing online consulting using travel portal development in UAE geared towards online or virtual consulting. Unlike regular travelers, who may or may not have complete information on a location, travel agents have more exposure to this type of information.

They can use a Trip Mega Marttravel portal, after getting it developed with low travel portal development cost in UAE, to provide consulting services. It could be active consulting or passive consulting.

Active consulting is to offer advice, travel itineraries, price information, accommodation information, directions, and places to visit, food to eat, and such information over a private medium of exchange over a travel portal.

On the other hand, passive consulting could be in the form of travel blogs and forum posts. Both of these are good sources of information for travelers to make travel decisions. Travel website development in UAE can be setup to enable active blogging, vlogging, and busy traveler forums. A Travel Technology Solutions Company in UAE such as Trip Mega Mart can implement such a white label travel website in UAE, which is not just present-perfect, but future-ready too.

Passive consulting can also be in the form of bulletins displayed on the travel portal, advertisements by travel services providers, and even a travel news section on the portal. The scope of what can be done on a portal is innumerable. All of which adds value to the customer, and makes operating a travel agency not just an administrative process, but a creative process, because it provides an opportunity for giving customers creative solutions.


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