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Mecca is the holiest city for the entire Islamic world. Pilgrims wait their whole life to visit Mecca and perform their ultimate religious duty. Alongside religious activities, Mecca has also developed as a centre of tourism for Saudi Arabia. Hotels, restaurants, car services all cater to the international visitors who come to Mecca.

Enterprising individuals with a keen eye for business have been able to identify the growth potential for the tourism industry in Mecca. They are using digital travel portal solutions to build instantly recognizable brands that can become leaders in the travel and tourism industry.

Become a leader in travel portal development in Mecca

  • Building an online business platform is not a very simple task. It requires knowledge of software coding languages and months of effort. But many entrepreneurs do not have the time, budget or the technical skills to execute this process.
  • So they have to take the help of pre-built websites. This is called white label travel portal development and it is cheaper and faster than all other modes of setting up an online business. Trip Mega Mart is a market leader in creating B2B and B2C travel websites from pre-made websites. They customize each site for different clients to make them unique.
  • Trip Mega Mart clients pick out a website they like and then they make their own changes to the list of features and functions. The brand name of the client business, their business logo and other design customizations are also made. The final travel portal solution is delivered to the client within a week.
  • Trip Mega Mart portals are usually quite reasonably priced compared to the market costs of hiring software developers. Some basic customizations are included within this price as well. But for additional changes, there is a small extra fee for each request.
  • Trip Mega Mart clients get a support service with their purchase. This service is free for the first year, but thereafter clients have to pay a maintenance fee. This annual charge is mandatory on all clients for continuity of various website services. The fee is one-fourth of the original website cost to be paid every year.
  • Trip Mega Mart clients can use one site for all devices; there is no need for separate applications development. The sites are also versatile and scalable in terms of their functional reach (local/regional/international).

Some characteristic features of Trip Mega Mart travel agency software

  • One of Trip Mega Mart’s most popular aspects is their fully intuitive user-interface. Any customer will automatically be able to understand how to complete different actions on the site without any prior knowledge or training.
  • But the site designs are also not boring. There are interesting elements all laid out for the best visual appeal. Additional customizations make each site more unique despite their generic starting point.
  • Customers also love the real-time travel arrangement systems on Trip Mega Mart sites. There are hotel booking engines and flight booking engines and car rental systems that compile and reproduce data from various supplier sites. Customers are saved from the effort of browsing through multiple web pages to find their preferred flight/hotel. This whole system is powered by high quality GDS integration service.
  • Trip Mega Mart customers can use the portal itself to also make payments for their travel plans. The sites have built-in payment gateways with security systems and data protection locks. If a business owner wants to offer other popular third-party payment gateways those too can easily be integrated into the sites
  • Business owners love the large number of admin control features offered by Trip Mega Mart. Business owners can use these features to make simple changes to the website content without needing to touch the code running in the background.

The tourism system of Mecca will only continue to grow in the coming years as modern technology makes travel easier for people all over the world. So, if you are an entrepreneur in the Saudi Arabian area then now is the best time for you to enter the travel business. Just book an appointment with Trip Mega Mart quickly to begin the process of building your dream business that you can run from your sofa but still earn huge profits.

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