Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in UAE

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in UAE

Have you been wondering lately how to start travel business online in UAE? If yes, then you must have had the opportunity to explore the land of extravagance called the United Arab Emirates.

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The UAE has a perfect combination of nature and man-made wonders. While places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have some of the most innovative mega constructions, Umm Al-Quwain and Ras Al-Khaimah are known for their scenic beauties. From adventure lovers to solitaire seekers, the UAE has something to offer all, including travel business owners. And the best way to start travel agency business online in UAE is with white label portals.

White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE

White label portals are one of the most convenient ways to start travel agency business in UAE. These are an economical and fast platform to operate business from. As these are connected to the internet, your travel business gets access to the vast customer base of the online market. There are certain types of white portals. You can take advice from Trip Mega Mart on determining the most suitable white label platform for your business type.

Types of White Label Portals

B2B White Label - These are platforms that a company creates and offers services for another company to sell it to customers by branding it as their own. That is, you offer customers the travel products that originally belong to the white label provider.

B2C White Label - These are websites built by professionals like Trip Mega Mart that allows you to offer your services directly to the customers.

White Label SaaS - These are software that one company creates and another company rebrands and then sells as its own software. These softwares are taken on a subscription basis.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in UAE

Diverse Service Options - White Label Solutions allow you to provide a complete travel portal solution online in UAE. You can offer customers a wide range of services. You can own a portal that supports hotel room booking and availing car rental services in the UAE. White label portals also provide you the option for GDS flight API integration in UAE. This, in turn, will let your customers book airline tickets using your travel portal.

Higher Revenue - More services means being more in demand among customers and making better revenue. You might not have the feasibility to offer all travel products to customers. However, if you opt for just the basics like hotel booking, your revenue would already be in good shape.

Cost Effective - One major advantage of using white label services is that you get access to various travel products without spending on designing or building the product. When you partner with a hotel and offer renting facilities of their rooms on your portal, you are incurring no expense for that. All you pay here is for the maintenance of the portal. Additionally, the portal being itself created by skilled professionals like Trip Mega Mart at affordable prices means you waste no time in rolling your travel business.

More Client Retention - When you have several products to offer customers, their chances of staying with you increases. If you allow customers to book services like accommodation and food at a travel destination right on your portal, they will have no reasons to look further.

Better Visibility - Integrating your travel portal with various travel services, you become more visible by travelers. This helps in enhancing the reputation of your as well as the scope of attracting more customers. There are travel portal developers like Trip Mega Mart who can build you a website where customers can make payments directly. This would make setting up a travel agency business in UAE much easier for you.

Checkpoints for Travel Website Development in UAE

● Opt for experienced travel website development companies such as Trip Mega Mart who knows how to how to create a well strategized portal.

● Research well before partnering with travel product providers as any bad experience by customer will directly hit your company's reputation.

● Hire portal developers who understands your business requirements well and have sufficient resources, both technical and human, to deliver your desired portal.

● There must be a clear and transparent mode of communication between the website developer and you to prevent any mishaps resulting from communication gap.

● Your portal development company must be able to provide the essential features of a travel portal at an affordable price.

So, to start travel business from home in UAE, hire expert white label portal developers like Trip Mega Mart. White label portals will let your travel business flourish with minimum expense of money and resources. You will be able to gain and retain more clients, make huge revenues, and be known to travelers without much of an effort. But be sure to follow the important checkpoints when you hire a website development company.


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