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Located in Lebanon, the city of Ra's Bayrut has multiple tourist attractions. Manara lighthouse, Corniche promenade, Pigeon Rocks, Archaeological Museum of the American University, Clock Tower, the Grand Palace, and the Roman Baths are some of the popular things to see in Ra's Bayrut. There are also many luxurious properties where tourists enjoy their holidays. The restaurants are popular for local cuisines as well as foods from different regions.

Ra's Bayrut receives visitors from various countries. This makes the city a great place for those planning to start travel business online. But it is important to seek assistance from an online platform so that travel agents can offer a convenient way for the tourists to plan their trips in this city.

Advantages of White Label Travel Portal in Ra's Bayrut

There are various ways that you can benefit by using travel portals for your business:

  • Spend Less: By opting to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal with experts like Trip Mega Mart, you can reduce the expenses that you may expect to run your travel business. Portals allow you to automate processes like customer service. While you would still need manual assistance to run a customer support help desk, you can utilize auto responses and bring down the duration for which you employ resources to cater to the queries of your customers.
  • Know Your Customers Better: You can know your customers in a much better way by opting for a white label travel portal development. You can allow your customers to maintain a separate dashboard where they can check the history of the bookings made on your portal. This would let you know the purchase interests of your customers and what kind of deals are preferred by them. You can then come up with better decisions in terms of offers or discounts that you plan for your products.
  • Process Bookings Instantly: With a GDS integration service on your travel portal you can process the purchase requests of travelers instantly. GDS integration allows you to partner with multiple service providers. Using this collaboration, you can let customers access the inventories of the service providers and check their availability on their preferred date of travel. In addition to this, travelers can also use your portal to compare prices of different services and place requests for the best deal.
  • Add Multiple Products: With the assistance of a skilled travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart you can add various products to your business. Travel portals allow you to offer as many services as you wish to without the requirement for a separate platform to manage those services. This means you can maintain a single website for all your services and also provide a single login to your customers.

Features of a Good Travel Portal Solution  
In order to obtain a portal that can meet the needs of your travel business, you need to add certain features to the platform.

  • Business Reporting - Using a travel agency software you can prepare reports on your sales and access data from remote locations. As it is possible to integrate portals to the cloud, you can maintain accessibility to your business transactions from any location. You can also use your business related information to make sales analysis or prepare business reports even when you are not present in the office.
  • Notifications - With an experienced travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart you can use your portal to send notification to the customers on their preferred mode of communication. With this feature you can send E-tickets to the travelers as well as confirmation on the status of their cancellation or booking requests.
  • Payment - Tourism portal development allows you to accept payment from the travelers against their reservations directly on your travel portal. With a professional portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart you can integrate reliable gateways to the platform and ensure complete protection of the financial data of your customers.

With a well-designed travel portal there are various benefits that you can gain in managing your business. You can sell different products, form a better relationship with your customers, of your customers with instant services, and run your travel business with less expenses.

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