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The travel and tourism industry of Beirut, Lebanon. Beirut is a beautiful city that acts as the capital city of the country of Lebanon. This city is the perfect destination for tourists who want to have an authentic Lebanese vacation. Here tourists can try the local food of the region, experience the local culture and immerse themselves in the history of the area at the various historical sites dotting the city. Beirut also provides beautiful views of the water-front along the Zaitunay Bay.

Travel and tourism is a well-established industry in the area. But now the nature of this industry is changing as entrepreneurs move from travel agent offices to more digital solutions. Travel portal development in Beirut is now very popular.

How to create B2B and B2C travel websites to promote Beirut tourism 

  • There can be many ways to create an online travel business. If an entrepreneur has software coding skills, they can build their own website. If not, they can hire some developers to do the task for them. But both these processes are time-consuming and difficult. The second method can also be quite expensive. A much easier way to create an online travel portal solution is with the help of customizable, ready-made platforms called white label portals.
  • White label travel portal development refers to taking a pre-made website from a travel portal development company and then customizing it for each business. Trip Mega Mart is a top travel portal design and development company in Lebanon and it creates excellent portals at an affordable rate and the cost of basic branding customization is included in the pricing package.
  • Additional customizations are also available at a very low price. The sites are scalable from local to regional to international level. They also perform well on all kinds of devices and there is no need for separate mobile applications. The only task a Trip Mega Mart client has to do is to build a marketing campaign to bring customers to their site and pay the annual maintenance fee.
  • Every client has to pay the mandatory fee, one-fourth of total website cost, once every year for continuity of Trip Mega Mart provided services. This support cum maintenance fee is not charged for the first year after purchase to give clients time to build up their customer-base.
  • Trip Mega Mart clients also get a wide range of admin controls to make it easier for them to manage their websites without needing help from professional coders for every minor change/update.

What features are common across most Trip Mega Mart powered portals?

  • Travel booking engines are the most common feature of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions. There can be flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, holiday package systems and even a car rental system that work using GDS integration service. This means that the sites are able to display real-time data from different hotel suppliers, car suppliers, airline suppliers, etc as and when needed. All travel accommodations can be booked and confirmed from one page. There is no need for separate applications.
  • The payment for different services on Trip Mega Mart portals can be processed two different ways. Customers can either pay through the native payment gateway which has multiple security steps for data privacy, or customers can pay through any third-party portal which is integrated into the site. Third-party integrations are very simple with Trip Mega Mart sites.
  • The final essential feature of all Trip Mega Mart sites is a totally unique website design. All designs initially begin with a similar base, but then through customizations (both preliminary that is included in website price as well as advanced customizations which clients pay extra for) the whole look of the site changes. The site is made to reflect the brand philosophy of each particular business. But these distinct designs are at the end of the day all very easy to use and offer an intuitive user-experience for customers.

Travel portals owners are thriving entrepreneurs running their enterprise completely from their bedroom. There is zero infrastructural investment and success rates are very high for with just some minor social media marketing. So, if you are ready to bring your business ideas to reality and put Lebanon on the world tourism map, then book a consultation with Trip Mega Mart immediately!

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