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With millions of tourists every year, Turkey ranks 6th in the list of popular tourist destinations of the world. Among its well-known cities are Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Turkey has a rich history that is influenced by the Ottoman Empire. Its architecture reflects ancient styles while its culture has a blend of modern practices and traditional values. There are plenty of mosques, museums and restaurants where tourists can spend memorable days. As Turkey witnesses tourists from different countries, it is important for agents to have a travel portal in order to successfully start travel business online.

Essential Features of Travel Portal Solution

In order to obtain a good travel portal, you need to add certain important features to the platform.

  • Map - Integrating portals to the Google Map allows travelers to find detailed information about the destination. Travelers can locate nearby tourist attractions and also compare prices of hotels in the same area. With this feature travelers can easily reach the property that they have booked through your portal. With a professional travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can ensure that your customers are provided with accurate location details.
  • Notifications - With portals you can send notifications to your customers and keep them updated about their purchase requests. Using email or text messages you can maintain interaction with your customers and offer them information on your latest deals. You can also provide them with E-tickets and other necessary details related to their reservation.
  • Review - Another feature that enhances the usefulness of a travel portal is the posting of product reviews. A comprehensive travel portal solution includes the option of product review by customers. This feature helps in attracting more customers to the business. You can also understand the needs of your customers in a better way and work towards improving your service. To encourage customers to share their feedback, you can offer them discount vouchers or other special offers.
  • Mobile Friendly - Offering travelers a platform that they can use on their smartphones is a crucial requirement to address the modern travel needs. You can hire a reputed travel mobile application development company such as Trip Mega Mart and build a mobile friendly portal for your travel business.

Why Start Travel Agency Business in Turkey with Portals?

Starting a travel business in Turkey can be difficult if you do not have an internet based platform to execute your business. There are multiple benefits of using a portal for running your travel business.

Better Visibility

Tourism portal development is a great way of marketing your brand and obtaining maximum visibility for the success of your business. Millions of customers are now accessible over the internet. Without an online platform there is very little chance for any business to succeed in the current era. With travel portals you can reach the maximum number of travelers and ensure a better growth of your business.

Customized Service

By building portals with Trip Mega Mart, you will be able to design personalized services for your customers based on their purchase history. You can assess the needs of your customers and design a customized holiday package system or other travel services for them. This would help you not just to form a good impression on your customers but also to make better business decisions.

Product Choice

Portals allow agents to add multiple products and also choose from a large inventory. There are various domains available in the travel industry. Depending on your interest and available resources you can opt for the suitable travel products. You can also make amendments in your chosen domains based on the ongoing trends and demands in the industry.

Instant Booking

Another benefit of operating with the travel portal is that you can offer instant services and process booking requests without delays. Portals gives you to opportunity to connect with multiple service providers.  you can process the booking request that you receive from your customers instantly and also provide them confirmation of their booking through their chosen mode of communication.

There are various such advantages of opting for a travel agency software to run your business. But you need to add relevant features to the platform so that you can obtained maximum output from the portal.

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