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Russeifa is one of the cities in Jordan that make a significant contribution to the tourism of the country. The Jordan Archaeological Museum, Roman amphitheater, and citizens are some of the prominent sites of tourist attractions in Russeifa. If you are planning to start travel agency online, this city can be an ideal location for your business. However, you need to have an online platform using which you will be able to interact with the global tourist crowd that gathers in Russeifa.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Russeifa

There are multiple advantages of using a white label platform to run your travel business: 

  • Administrative Convenience: Using a travel portal solution, you can manage your business with greater convenience. Portals allow you to maintain different dashboards for your resources as well as your customers. With this feature you can view the transactions more conveniently without losing on the important data. You can also integrate your portal to the cloud and access your business information from any location and at any time.
  • Growth of Business: By building a travel portal with a skilled travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can ensure the expansion of your business beyond all geographical restrictions. Portals allow you to connect your business to travelers located at faraway places. This means you can sell your products to customers across countries and increase the sales of your services.
  • Customized Services: Using a travel portal, you can customize services like a car rental system and make it more appropriate to the needs of your customers. Hiring companies like Trip Mega Mart will allow you to build a customized travel portal that would enable you to add features that are specific to the domain that your business caters to. With customized services you will be able to obtain more customers and offer them a good service.
  • Multiple Integrations: You can opt for a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration to your portal and partner with various service providers. This will give you the opportunity to sell a large number of services on your portal. You will also be able to let your customers check the current availability status of the services that they wish to book from your travel portal.
  • Real-time Information: With a tourism portal development, you can process booking and cancellation requests of your customers on a real time basis. This means customers can get an update on the status of their reservation or cancellations immediately without having to wait for a few days before they can know the current status.

Features Of Portals

Portals have different features that add to their usefulness in the travel industry.

  • Review - With the assistance of Trip Mega Mart, you can let your customers share their feedback on your services right on the travel portal. This feature of a portal helps agents in gaining more customers for their businesses. This can also help the customers in developing more trust towards your brand as they would be able to share their experience in arranging their tour with your services.
  • Map - It is possible to integrate your travel agency software to the Google map and help your customers identify the property that they have booked from your portal more accurately on the map. This feature is helpful for travelers as it enables them to obtain reliable information on their chosen location.
  • Mobile Friendly - By building a mobile friendly travel portal you can establish connections with more customers. Travelers are more likely to use portals on their smartphones to complete their reservations. This makes it important for travel agents to build platforms that are accessible on wireless devices.
  • Multi-Currency - With expert portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can include payment gateways to your portal through which customers can pay for their purchases in different currencies. This feature can help you to reduce sell drop by giving customers the freedom of choosing their preferred currency for the transaction.

There are various other features that you can add to your travel portal and make it an essential platform for the execution of your business. With a well-designed portal you can expand your business and enhance your revenue.

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