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Saudi Arabia is a state in the UAE that has a great cultural significance. Millions of pilgrims visit the land every year. While Mecca and Medina are the two most famous cities, other popular places in Saudi Arabia include Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Jizan, and Taif. All these places remain crowded with tourists, opening various scopes for the travel industry.

If you want to start travel agency business online in UAE, there are some legal procedures that you must follow. Obtaining a suitable license is one of them. However, what is even more important is that you have a presence on the internet so that customers can find you from any location. Travel portals can help you in achieving this.

Features of Travel technology Solution in UAE

Travel portals have multiple features that you can utilize for your travel business and expand it faster.

Transparent Pricing

Travel portals allow you to price your products properly without hidden charges. This goes a long way in gaining the trust of customers. You can keep them informed about the product prices beforehand and avoid charging extra at the last minute.

Map Integration

Another useful feature that travel portals must have is the integration of Google maps. Trip Mega Mart can take care of the technical necessities for the integration process. By allowing travelers to locate their destination on maps, they can obtain accurate details about their journey. They can search for restaurants or hotels in and around the chosen location.

Search Engine Integration

Integration of flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in UAE is a feature of travel portals that can allow your customers to search for flights and hotels right on your platform. They can also get updates on the current availability and use the information to plan their trips in advance.

Predictive Search and Accurate Results

Along with saving search records, the portal must be able to predict the service that the customer is looking for using predictive searches. This means customers will not have to type the entire word before they can find suitable results. The portal must also yield correct search results to ease the search process of customers. Trip Mega Mart can help you with such features on your portal along with many more.

Why Choose a Travel Portal Development Company in Saudi Arabia?

To start an online travel business, you will need a good platform that can fulfill all your business needs. Developing such a platform requires enough technical knowledge to ensure there are no glitches that can have an impact on your brand. Travel portal developers in UAE can help in resolving this issue.


Portal developers such as Trip Mega Mart can customize the layout of the portal to suit your business needs. This way you do not have to spend time and money on building the portal from scratch. You can simply add or remove features from the existing design based on what meets your needs.

User-friendly Platform

Companies that develop travel portals have a great experience in understanding the needs of customers. This is why they can create user-friendly interfaces that travelers from different regions can use without any difficulty. You can let customers book services from any device of their choice as the team can build you both a mobile and web version of the portal.

Budget Specific

Portal developers can design your portal based on your financial planning and keep the cost to start online travel agency business in UAE under check. Once you share your business plan and goals with the team, they can come up with the best solution at a budget you can afford. You can then make amendments in the design depending on your financial flexibility.

Payment Gateway Integration

One major reason why travelers are getting inclined to online platforms for their tours is convenience in purchasing. Portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart can integrate your website with different gateways through which you can receive payments from customers. Your customers can even save their details for speeding up future transactions.

Choice of Domains

Another way that portal development companies can simplify your business is by giving you the freedom of choosing any domain to operate with. This means you can create any portal with the team depending on who your target customers are. If you prefer selling your services to other providers, you can opt for a B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE. For those willing to sell directly to travelers, the option of B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE is available.

Hiring professional services for your online travel business is a requirement that you cannot overlook. With experienced developers, you can use the portal in successfully setting up a travel agency business in UAE.

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