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Gazinatep is a cozy little city in Southern Turkey. It is still known by some by its earlier name Antep. This city has gained recent popularity among the international tourist community because it offers an authentic Turkish experience to tourists. The city still retains much of its old world charm and there are plenty of luxury villas and resorts where tourists can spend a few weeks relaxing and getting a tan. There are some historical sites in Gaziantep as well which provide perfect picture opportunities.

Start travel agency business in Gaziantep now to capitalize on the recent discovery of the tourism potential of this city. Create an online travel portal solution at a low cost and become part of Turkey’s booming tourism industry.

Travel agency software to propel your business to the top of the tourism leader-board

  • Online travel businesses are no longer restricted only to the domain of technically trained software developers. Anyone can start an online travel in just a few days
  • The easiest way to achieve this goal is with the help of a white label travel portal development firm.
  • Trip Mega Mart is the world’s top travel portal development company
  • They sell pre-made portals which are ready to be customized and delivered within just seven days
  • The business name of the client brand is added to the site to make it unique. Clients can change the list of website features as well.
  • Trip Mega Mart website packages are quite reasonably priced with flexible price packages. But clients are expected to chip a small amount annually so that Trip Mega Mart can continue to provide some third-party services to all their sites. This annual maintenance fee is 25% of the website cost and is mandatory for all clients from the second year of their purchase.

Create B2B and B2C travel websites with these features for a full-proof chance at success:

  • Trip Mega Mart sites have been able to win the hearts of customers under the guise of various brands because every site is dedicated towards solving customer problems.
  • First and foremost, thing that most customers notice about Trip Mega Mart sites is the ease of usage. The user-interface is intuitive for a seamless experience for customers. Customers do not have to download any special applications for different devices. The same site can operate on mobiles, laptops, tablets and desktops without any prior preparations or installations. The back-end of the sites is also very strong and there is no slow-down or crash even when there is a high traffic flow to the site.
  • The responsiveness of the user-interface is also balanced with visual appeal of the website design. Every white label format has its own design following various marketing principles. This design is customized for each brand to make it better suited to the target audience of that company. Trip Mega Mart clients can personalize their website design as much as they want. But they may have to pay a small extra charge for these changes.
  • Last, but not the least, Trip Mega Mart has become a customer-favorite because of its time-saving features for customers. Every site comes with GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. This means that customers get to see real-time information about prices and availability from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers all in one single compact webpage. Customers do not have to waste days comparing individual supplier prices, all the data is available to them through the Trip Mega Mart site.
  • The final cherry on top is the native payment system of Trip Mega Mart sites that allows customers to complete their payments as well directly through the site.

White label travel portal development from a trusted company is an inexpensive yet highly reliable method of creating a business with tried and tested features. When clients buy a Trip Mega Mart site, they are fully confident that their customers will definitely like the site and its features. The business owner only needs to find the right customer niche to target with their site. So, if you feel that you have found an untapped tourist market with potential then contact Trip Mega Mart today and get an early head start into your chosen market sector.

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