White Label Travel Portal Development Company in UAE

White Label Travel Portal Development Company in UAE

There are many things to see and experiences to feel in the seven Arab Emirates. Dubai, Riyadh and Sharjah have become the luxury capitals of the world with massive shopping complexes, luxury hotels and glamorous car showrooms. The rich and the famous from all over the world visit UAE to fulfill their shopping dreams. Now many travel enthusiasts are also heading over to the UAE to experience its beauty and its modern luxuries in their full glory.


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Travel start-up ideas in UAE: what you need to begin your business

The growing importance of UAE as a global travel destination has led to the growth of a massive travel and tourism sector. Many travel businesses have come up in the area. Online travel portals are also thriving. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a travel business in UAE then an online travel portal may be ideal for you since these are low investment, but high profit.

The easiest way to start a travel portal is to purchase the travel portal development services of a white label travel portal development company in UAE. Trip Mega Mart is the top B2B white label travel portal provider in UAE. They create websites that can be scaled up and used at local or at international levels. The websites also have GDS API flight integration in UAE. This means that the websites have an API system integrated into them that collects real time data from multiple airlines so that customers can book their tickets directly from the travel portal and get immediate confirmation. The API system can also be used for hotel booking engines, car reservation systems and tour package bookings. These comprehensive travel portal development services ensure a seamless experience for the end user.

But paying for the tickets also requires a payment portal. Online travel portal development in UAE by Trip Mega Mart involves the creation of a very safe and quick-responding payment gateway. Trip Mega Mart websites can also very easily integrate with third party payment portals.

The websites also come with great facilities for admin access so that any employee with just basic knowledge of computers can use the site to make modifications to the service listings on the website. Trip Mega Mart websites are also multi-device compatible and optimized for different software applications and browsers. This means that users get the same experience from any device that they use.

How to develop travel portal in UAE

Trip Mega Mart websites have a very robust back-end system that keeps the websites fast and responsive even when flooded with lots of visitors. But not only is their back-end robust, their user-interface is also very strong.

No e-commerce or e-retailing platform can thrive without a user-friendly interface and travel portals are not an exception. Trip Mega Mart web designers are adept at make intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. The features are all simple to navigate and use. But this does not come at the cost of aesthetics.

Each and every Trip Mega Mart website is customized. The name of the client business along with their logo and other branding elements are added to the site. Clients who are ready to pay more can also request other customizations with regards to color schemes and layouts. Each and every Trip Mega Mart website has its own look that matches with the target audience of the client business. This helps to build brand awareness and makes the website much easier to market through digital campaigns. Blending together ease of usage and target audience design sensibilities is the key to success at Trip Mega Mart.

Trip Mega Mart white label portals are very reasonably priced considering the quality of service and the years of experience that they bring to the table. There are different website development plans on offer. Each plan has its specific set of features and each plan has its own pricing. Individual travel agent portals can also be integrated into Trip Mega Mart websites by paying a small extra fee. Trip Mega Mart charges their customers a small annual fee. This fee is 15% of the total website development cost. This cost covers regular maintenance as well as API supply for the website. A white label travel website does not require much of an initial investment but if it is marketed properly then it can bring in large profits much higher than the small annual fee that has to be paid to the white label supplier.

In UAE travel portals and travel businesses are expected to keep growing in the coming years. There will be more and more enterprises in this sector in the coming years. So, if you want to get an early bird advantage and capture some market share early before the competition heats up even more, then contact Trip Mega Mart developers today. Get the quotation for your business plan and start organizing your finances and marketing strategies. Travel in UAE is a booming market and now is the perfect time to jump in.


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