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Adana is one of the largest cities in Turkey that offers a mesmerizing view of its surrounding hills. The city has several archaeological sites along with historic places that serves as one of the major attractions to the tourists. The Stone Bridge, Sabanc? Merkez Mosque, Y?lankale, Kastabala castle, Ancient Anazarva, Varda Viaduct, and the Ottoman houses in Tarsus are some of the most prominent attractions for the visitors to this city. You can start travel business online in Adana and expect your business to grow successfully. But catering to the huge crowd of tourists would require an online platform to operate your business from.

Why Travel Portal Development in Adana?  There are several benefits that you can enjoy by opting to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal: 

  • Automated Booking: When travelers try to book a holiday package system or some other travel related service, they are often required to pass through multiple gateways of document verification. But not with portals. With the help of automation you can help customers store their verified details on the platform. This would allow them to skip the verification process for their subsequent bookings. They can simply login to your portal, browse the service they need, and place a request for it. You can send them confirmation of their purchase instantly through the automated services. All you need is an experienced portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart that can integrate advanced technologies to your portal.
  • Customer Support: Travel business, like all other businesses, requires constant communication between travelers and service providers. Travelers do not just seek travel advice from agents but also need updates and information on travel products. Travel portal solution offers a perfect way of bridging the gap between agents and travelers. You can let them know about the updated status of availability of the service that they are interested in. They can obtain all the other required information without spending long hours on call.
  • Brand Image: Operating with a travel agency software gives you the opportunity to create a strong presence over the internet. By being available online, you get to connect with the millions of users of the internet. As travelers today are most likely to opt for online services, portals can give you the chance to get recognized by more potential customers. By collaborating with Trip Mega Mart, you can optimize your portal and increase its traffic. This will help you to be found by more customers and also create a better image of your brand.

Features of Portals

You can build portals with multiple features to enhance the productivity of your business.

  • Bookmark - Letting customers save products or services to their favourite list is an important feature that you can add to your portal and enhance the sales of your items. This feature helps travelers to save the time in searching for services. Instead of entering the details of the desired products multiple times, they can simply check their favourite list and proceed with their purchase. You can hire a skilled travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart and add such useful features to your portal.
  • Map - Integrating your portal to Google Map is another significant feature that you can add to your portal. This feature will help your customers to locate hotels or other places on the map and they will be able to gain accurate information about the location that they are visiting. Once you integrate a hotel booking engine to your travel portal, you can add the location of the hotel suppliers that you partner with on the platform.
  • Customized Services - Using a travel portal you design customized travel services for your customers. Based on the kind of customers you have in your business, you can offer specific discounts to products such as a holiday package system. You can hire professional portal developers like Trip Mega Mart that will allow you to customize your portal to make it suitable for each of your customers.

Portals can prove to be a great tool for the successful execution of your travel business. It can help you to create a presence in the global market. You can accelerate the different processes of your business and offer a better service to the customers.

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