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Why do tourists visit Irbid? Irbid is a beautiful town in the northern part of the country of Jordan. This town has a long history of human settlement and historians have excavated many beautiful ancient artifacts from the area. Irbid pairs its historical significance with a vibrant and thriving local culture to create a signature experience that attracts tourists from all over the world. There are plenty of museums and other attractions in this town to keep tourists of all ages and interests engaged and busy.

So now travel entrepreneurs of Jordan are actively trying to promote Irbid as a premier international tourism hotspot. They are starting online travel business agencies to cater to customers from every country in the world.

Now you can also start a travel portal solution and turn it into a successful business:

  • It has now become very easy to start an online travel business. Business owners do not even have to hire developers and software engineers to create their portal. They can just purchase a customizable, ready-made white label solution that will fit all their business needs.
  • White label travel portal development refers to a process of using pre-built website frameworks and then customizing these for different brands. Trip Mega Mart is an internationally renowned travel portal design and development company and they create B2B and B2C travel websites powered by white label technology.
  • Trip Mega Mart clients choose their preferred white label form from the company portfolio, then they pick out their customizations and the website is completed and delivered within a week’s time. There is no recurring expenditure for running the site. But clients have to pay a mandatory annual maintenance fee so that they can continue to enjoy their different Trip Mega Mart real-time features. The annual fee is 15% of the initial total cost of the website.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are generally quite affordable and their cost-effectiveness increases when considering the fact that clients do not need to purchase different sites for different devices. Trip Mega Mart sites are compatible on all devices. The scale of operations of the site (local/regional/international) can also be changed as and when necessary, without having to purchase a new site. Trip Mega Mart clients also get some very useful admin controls that allow them to manage the content on their site without help from professional software coders.

What features to pick for your digital travel portal solution?

Some of the best features of Trip Mega Mart sites that help to build a loyal customer base include:

  • Customers do not have to browse multiple sites to compare prices for their travel arrangements. Trip Mega Mart sites have multiple travel booking engines running in real time with data collected from different suppliers. There can be a hotel booking engine, a car rental system, a flight booking engine or a holiday package system. Trip Mega Mart uses very high quality GDS integration service to run all these engines.
  • The sites have a fully optimized native payment system. This system can process transactions quickly and also has different safety checks to keep customers safe from digital criminals. Third-party payment portals also work well with these sites and can be integrated into the website framework quite easily.
  • Trip Mega Mart sites are also very well designed. The user-interface is intuitive and provides a seamless customer experience where they do not have to think too much about each step.
  • But each site is also customized individually. The brand name and logo of the client business is added and the cost for these changes is included in the initial website price. If a client wants any additional design changes, like font or color modifications, then they have to pay a little extra for each change. Most clients do opt for some design variations to make their site more unique and more appealing to their target demographic.

An online travel agency is a great business venture with very little investment, but high chances of success. Once a steady customer flow has been established, profits will keep flowing in constantly. Jordan’s tourism industry is growing rapidly at present and entrepreneurs who enter the market early will be able to capture a lion’s share of the customer-base. So, act quickly and book your first appointment with a Trip Mega Mart consultant right now!

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