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Kuwait has regularly recorded good visitor traffic consistently for many years. It is for this reason it is a great idea to start travel agency business in UAE to serve visitors to Kuwait. The Kuwait government has brought out a multi-stepped plan to boost Kuwait tourism.

A capital of more than $800 million has been set aside for the development tourism. The Kuwait Investment Authority will oversee the tourism development activities. Because Kuwait is unknown to many countries, one of the ways how to start travel agency business in UAE is to become an informatory site for new visitors.

The country’s leisure, hospitality, and entertainment sectors are undergoing redevelopment. It is an ideal time to start international travel agency business in UAE for Kuwait travel owing to this. Existing touristic facilities will undergo transformation.

All this will be in line with the New Kuwait 2035 goal. The goal is to make Kuwait a touristic destination. Given this sentiment of the government, those planning to start travel agency business online in UAE or thinking of how to start travel business online in UAE can seek full assistance from the government. As part of this vision, inbound and outbound tourism will become organized. There will be more importance given to travel agencies.

How can travel agencies leverage travel portal development to serve travelers to Kuwait

Heritage tour bookings

Outdoor activity tours in Kuwait

  • A travel agency can facilitate outdoor activity tours in Kuwait. These are adventure cum sightseeing cum experience tours. A ferry ride to the Failaka Island. Desert night camping. Visiting the Kuwait Towers. Visiting Avenues Mall – a large shopping mall to spend some fascinating time in. Scuba diving in Kuwait City at the Mubarak Alkabeer Street. Visiting the House of Mirrors to see mirror-laden designs. Tour of the Grand Mosque – one of the spellbinding landmarks of the country.
  • For those who love beaches, there are special beach tours. On these beaches many adventure activities are conducted. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and water sports are some of them. On location are eateries serving delicious food and drinks. Some of the best beaches in Kuwait are the Messilah, Al Oqeila, and Salmiya beaches.
  • There are many urban iconic structures and attractions to see and experience in Kuwait. A travel agency can facilitate this by integrating service providers into its travel portal. Travelers to Kuwait can select services from one to many service providers.

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