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Al Muharraq is a small island city in the country of Bahrain. Tourists mainly visit this city to capture breath-takingly beautiful views of the clear, blue water, but there are other attractions in this city as well. There are some forts and palaces in Muharraq where tourists can immerse themselves in the history of the region. This city is also popular for retaining much of its traditional Bahraini architecture. The houses and roads of Muharraq are built in traditional Middle Eastern Bahraini style which cannot be seen anywhere else even in Bahrain.

If you start travel agency business in Al Muharraq you will get lots of customers interested in your services. But the traditional travel agency office will not appeal to these new-age customers, they want the convenience of planning their trip from home using a online travel portal solution.

How to build the best online platform for your travel business in Bahrain: 

  • The most convenient method for creating B2B and B2C travel websites at present is with the help of a travel portal design and development company that specializes in white label travel portal development. Trip Mega Mart is an internationally acclaimed firm that stands at the top of this category.
  • White label travel portal development refers to using a ready-made website format and then customizing it for different brands. Trip Mega Mart has a huge portfolio of these pre-made white label travel agency software solutions. Business owner clients pick the format they like, then their brand name and logo are added to the site.
  • Travel portal solutions from Trip Mega Mart are a reliable, yet cheap method of starting a business. There are no costs for the business owner except for the purchase price of their site. The only other cost the business owner has to bear is Trip Mega Mart’s support service charge. This charge is 25% of the website cost to be paid every year, but the charge is only levied from the second year after purchase. This gives business owners ample time and opportunity to set-up their marketing campaigns and build a profitable customer-base for their business.

Deciding on features for your online travel portal:

These are some of the most popular features that customers look for when they visit an online travel portal:

  • Travel booking engines collect data from a number of suppliers and make it easier for customers to book their preferred hotel, flight, cars and packages. Trip Mega Mart sites have flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, holiday package systems and car rental systems. These engines all run on real time updates from suppliers using a GDS integration service.
  • Customers also want a quick and easy payment system in their travel portal. Trip Mega Mart has a native, one-click payment system with various security features built into it as well. Third-part payment gateways can also be easily integrated with this system to offer customers maximum variety in payment methods.
  •  Another major demand of customers is usability. Trip Mega Mart sites have an intuitive user-interface for simplistic navigation and usage. The sites also do not require customers to install any special applications to their devices. Trip Mega Mart sites are multi-device compatible and can work with any specific applications.
  • The last, but not the least requirement from customers is brand recognition. When customers log into a site they want to know that it the site of their preferred and trusted brand. This is possible with Trip Mega Mart sites because business owners have a lot of freedom to customize their sites. They can change colors, fonts, themes and layouts to match it better to their brand identity.

Trip Mega Mart travel agency software has many other interesting features like scalability of operations from local to international, a large number of admin controls and a responsive and robust back-end. All these features make the sites a fan-favorite among customers and can lay the foundation of a very successful travel business. So, do not use mediocre developers for your first online business, instead call Trip Mega Mart today for a high-quality travel portal that will take you to the top of the travel and tourism industry in Bahrain.

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