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Bawshar is a small, serene locality in Muscat of Oman. It has gained popularity among tourists in recent years because the Muscat International Airport is located close by and tourists like spending their time here for convenience. But the locality also has a lot more to offer tourists. Certain vantage points in the city provide stunning views of the Sea of Oman foaming and frothing down below. There are some national parks and historical monuments in this locality as well. Bawshar is a picturesque little neighborhood where tourists like to spend a few days to get an authentic Omani experience.

White label travel portals in Bawshar have become popular in view of the recent tourist interest in the area. Booming e-commerce businesses are coming up on the foundation of these online travel portal solutions that are easy to set up and quite inexpensive to maintain.

Building and maintaining an online white label business portal

  • The simplest method for building an online business is to create the code for a new website. But this can be beyond the budget for most first time entrepreneurs
  • A more cost-effective solution for them is to buy a pre-made site and get it customized for their brand
  • This is white label travel portal development and is quite cheap if the white label portals are purchased from a reliable and transparent travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart
  • Trip Mega Mart portals are customized and completed in seven days time and the business owner is ready to start operations
  • These businesses can be run almost entirely from home by a single person and there is no investment in any infrastructure. There are plenty of admin controls with each Trip Mega Mart site to make it very easy for business owners to manage their site content themselves
  • The only repeated expenditure of this business model is an annual mandatory fee that is charged by Trip Mega Mart. This fee is charged for various Trip Mega Mart support services and the third-party suppliers that they use. This fee is 25% of the total initial website price and is a miniscule amount compared to how much the site can potentially earn in a year’s time.
  • Each Trip Mega Mart site can also perform on different devices and the site can be scaled from local to international operations. This means that business owners do not have to update their sites or buy new sites for different devices which brings their total investment even lower
  • Business owners only have to use some smart marketing to drive website traffic if they want their Trip Mega Mart portal to become a successful business operation

Travel portal development that can change how customers plan their vacations

  • Trip Mega Mart sites have become wildly popular because of their ability to change how customers plan and pay for their vacations
  • Trip Mega Mart sites have different booking engines running via GDS integration service. These booking engines provide real-time information about different suppliers and customers can book the ones they like without having to individually look through all these different supplier sites. Trip Mega Mart sites are usually equipped with car rental systems, flight booking engines, hotel booking engines and sometimes even holiday package systems
  • The payment method for these bookings is either the native Trip Mega Mart payment gateway or any popular third-party payment gateway that is integrated with the site. The native payment system on Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions has various mechanisms to protect the data privacy of customers and secure them against cyber criminals
  • Trip Mega Mart sites also provide customers with a very smooth and easy purchasing experience. The site designs are intuitive and the navigation system is very easy to use. But the simplicity of the experience does not mean that it lacks any distinctiveness or style. All the sites have unique visuals which are further enhanced by the customizations commissioned by clients. Every site at the time of delivery ends up having a signature look that reflects its brand aesthetic and helps to build brand recognition among loyal customers.

There is a lot to love about Trip Mega Mart sites. Their portfolio of features and services for white label sites is extensive and quite affordable compared to market standards. So, if the travel industry is where your heart lies, then commit to your business plans firmly and make a call to Trip Mega Mart today to enter this sector with a bang.

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