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Nicosia is an idyllic city located in the country of Cyprus. The city has various historical monuments and museums for history buffs to enjoy. But the major tourist attraction of this city is its simple, charming architecture. The buildings are old but well maintained and there are some paved streets where tourists can click amazing pictures. Nicosia is the perfect spot for tourists who want to just relax for a few days in a beautiful atmosphere and try out some delicious food. Activities are limited but the beauty and ambience more than make up for it.

If you start a travel agency business in Nicosia you will be able to grow quickly because of the recent tourist interest in the country. Create B2B and B2C travel websites to enter the sector at a low cost and then grow rapidly with some well-planned marketing campaigns.

Minimize capital investment with this digital business plan

  • Earlier entering the travel industry would require high levels of investment because business owners would need to rent office spaces, hire employees and spend on marketing. But the scenario right now is very different.
  • E-commerce platforms have made it possible for online travel portal solutions to gain popularity world-wide. There is no infrastructural investment and the business is able to reach customers from all over the world.
  • But even the lengthy process of software development to build a new website is now gradually being eliminated with the appearance of white label travel portal development technology.
  • This process of travel portal development however only works with the help of reliable travel technology companies. Trip Mega Mart is an internationally recognized firm in the field of travel portal design and development.
  • Trip Mega Mart sells multi-device compatible, scalable websites with a wide variety of features. Lots of customization options are also available. But the quality of Trip Mega Mart sites comes with a small additional cost. This is mandatory annual support service fee that all clients have to pay for their third-party services provided via Trip Mega Mart. This yearly charge is 25% of the total price paid for the website and clients have to pay it every year except for the first year after purchase.

Travel technology software features that are bound to lead your business to success

  • GDS integration service has changed the way customers plan their vacations. A customer can now go to a travel portal and get info about multiple suppliers all at one source. They can even pay for their bookings and get confirmation from the suppliers through this one source. Trip Mega Mart sites have GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. The sites can also run other booking engines like holiday package systems and car rental systems using the same basic principle.
  • The payment system on these Trip Mega Mart sites is also very well-planned. There is native gateway with built in security features for data privacy and safe transactions. The software code is also created in a way to allow for easy third-party integrations with all popular payment gateways.
  • Another extremely important feature of all Trip Mega Mart sites is the scientific website design. The UI is intuitive to allow for a smooth and easy movement through different features and actions on the site. At the same time the design layout and colors and fonts are also meant to follow certain marketing principle for maximum visual appeal. Brands usually rely on their customized site design to create the preliminary foundation of their brand identity and Trip Mega Mart sites are very successful in this regard.

Final Thoughts on Travel Portal Development in Nicosia

Trip Mega Mart sites have various other interesting features like a large admin control panel, individual travel agent portals built into a travel agency software, quick loading times, etc. But the biggest pro of buying a Trip Mega Mart site is the fact that business owners get to have full control over what their final site looks like and operates like without needing to know any software coding themselves. So if you feel that you have an idea that can truly have an impact on the online tourism community then call Trip Mega Mart today and book you first appointment.

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