What are the benefits of White label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in Saudi Arabia

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Ever since the Saudi Tourism Authority was established, the Saudi Arabian tourism landscape has changed. Given the impetus on tourism, travel agencies can use Trip Mega Mart travel portal developers in UAE to deploy ready-made portals and start serving travelers. The Authority’s vision of promoting tourism in the kingdom country means that it opens up a world of opportunities for travel agencies. Using Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution in UAE, a travel agency can capitalize on tourism business prospects in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Tourism and The Tourism Development Fund have also been setup for Saudi Arabian tourism promotion and funding.

At the time of writing this, Saudi Arabian experiences on average 29 million inbound tourists. Domestic tourism is to the tune of 32 million visitors. The tourism industry generates more than 800,000 jobs. All of this indicates good prospects for travel agencies and tour operators. The country will need the services of travel agencies even more considering this tourism boom. So those planning on setting up a travel agency business in UAE using a travel portal solution online in UAE have a great opportunity on their hands.

How can travel agencies use white label travel portal development for serving travelers to Saudi Arabia?

Arrange for culture tours: 

Help tourists experience the culinary treasures of Saudi Arabia: 

  • The food culture of Saudi Arabia is unique. Every region has its unique cuisine. Dishes like hanith, arika, asedah, altsabee, mefa bread, samak mkashan, mahshoosh, thareed etc. are some the thousands of tasty food and sweet dishes available in this country. Without the help of a travel agency or a specialized culinary guide, it is not possible for visitors to have a full breadth of experience sampling the culinary treasures of Saudi Arabia.
  • A travel agency can facilitate such culinary tours by providing a site that is constantly updated with useful culinary information. The site can be a forum or blog or simply an online food community that exchanges information on culinary arts of Saudi Arabia. The travel portal of the travel agency can also integrate restaurant sites, or third-party sites that accept bookings on behalf of restaurants.
  • Using Trip Mega Mart technology, the travel agency can become flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in UAE. Another idea is to build an engine such as flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in UAE. The travel agency can then be the junction for all travel agents to transact, and can charge commissions for the same.
  • By offering such services leverage Trip Mega Mart Travel Website Development in UAE, the food culture of Saudi Arabia becomes accessible and enjoyable for first-time or repeat tourists. This service of a travel agency can also be used by residents of the country, when traveling from one region to another.
  • Given the enormity of domestic tourism in Saudi Arabia, there is ample opportunity for providing services to domestic travelers. The services offered can not only be flight reservation services via a Trip Mega Mart Flight Reservation System in UAE but also travel consulting services. It thereby increases the travel agency’s business prospects.

What Are The Benefits Of White Label Travel Portal Development For Travel Agencies In Saudi Arabia

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