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When it comes to experiencing a larger than life holiday experience amidst the perfectly blended wonders of nature and man-made creations, there is no destination other than Dubai. Not just its skyscrapers are a treat to the eyes, the wild outdoor activities that travellers get to indulge in are also a prominent attraction to the visitors of this city.

Dubai is visited by millions of tourists who come from different countries. This gives the tourist population of Dubai a truly global picture. Amidst such a diversity, it can be difficult for agents who plan to start travel agency online in this city to operate without an online platform.

Features of Travel Portal Solution

There are various features that can be added to a travel portal based on the specific needs of the users:

  • Payment: You can accept payments from your customers directly on a travel agency software. By hiring experienced portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can build a reliable gateway through which travellers can pay for their purchased products securely. You can accept payments in multiple currencies as well as in different modes.
  • Filter: You can add different options on your portal and let your customers narrow the search results based on their requirements. Options that travellers commonly use to look for their desired information include amenities and budget. You can add to your portal these and various other useful options to help customers obtain the information that they are looking for without investing too much time on the platform.
  • Optimized Content: With a professional travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart you can optimize your website to include attractive images and engaging content. Optimized platforms help in increasing the traffic. You can engage with your customers in a more meaningful way and offer them information that is relevant for them.
  • Map: You can integrate Google maps to your travel portal and allow travellers to find the exact location of the hotel suppliers that you have partnered with. This feature helps travellers to understand their chosen location in a better way. They can also locate places of tourist attractions near the property and choose accommodations depending on the suitability of the location.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Dubai

There are various advantages of using a white label portal to run your travel business.

  • Time Saving - The plan to start travel business online can be time taking if you do not have an online platform for the execution of your business. With travel portals you can start your business immediately once you have taken care of all the other aspects of the business.
  • Cost Effective - Opting for a tourism portal development with good companies like Trip Mega Mart can help you with reducing your additional expenses and operating your business with minimum cost. Travel portals are an effective solution to expenses like hiring resources to maintain a 24*7 customer support helpdesk. Portals can also help you to automate your services and spend less on doing the regular tasks.
  • Expert Assistance - Building a travel portal gives you the opportunity to work with an expert travel website/portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart. As these companies have an in-depth knowledge about the industry, you can gain valuable insights from them in understanding the market more clearly. Moreover, you can rely on a robust platform without worrying about technical disruptions in the workflow.

Features of Expert Travel Technology Company

Here are some aspects of a good portal development company that you may look for before hiring.

  • Experience - The company must have relevant experience in the domain for which you need their assistance.
  • Cost - The travel website/portal development cost that the company should not be too high.
  • Approach - The company must have a flexible approach towards the development of the portal so that you can make changes based on your specific needs and goals.

You may look for other features before hiring a company to design a portal for your travel business. Once you have a suitable platform with all essential features added to it, there are various advantages that you can gain from using the travel portal. Developing a travel portal is, thus, the best way to start a travel business in Dubai.

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