Free TripMegaMart Business Evaluation

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Grade your business and get actionable solutions to increase earning.

Your website is your best salesperson. With the right systems in place, your website can be a revenue generating machine. However, most businesses neglect it & their site health, which slows business growth and even puts their entire organization at risk. 

Use this business grader to identify your business health. Learn more about your business's performance and use immediately to ensure your business is equipped to fuel your revenue growth. 

What You Get

  • A ready to use website with features of live instant booking of Flight & Hotel across the world in real time.
  • An admin dashboard to manage your business, with report management, order management, finance management etc. 
  • Your Payment Gateway will be integrated so that your customers can pay online to you by Credit/Debit cards etc. 
  • Mobile optimization information that sheds light on the mobile user experience for your ideal buyers. 
  • 1500 + Airlines globally at your website with live inventory to be booked in real time at your website. 
  • 7,00,000 + Hotels across the world with live inventry to be booked in real time at your website.