How to Develop Travel Portal in UAE

How to Develop Travel Portal in UAE

There are strong reasons to start travel agency business in UAE. For one, travel and tourism is a major contributor to the economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Another factor is that over the past several decades, the UAE government has diversified its tourism industry. So now the only question remains as to how to start travel agency business in UAE in a sustainable manner.

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Gone are the days when you would visit Dubai only for a desert safari or visit sparkling shopping complexes or the Gold Souk. Today, the UAE has amusement parks that surpass international standards. There are underwater museums, paid adventures, and even hotels. Malls offer more than shopping – they are entertainment centres too. The tall structures of Dubai are not only for official and commercial purposes. A majority of them are open to the general public for visitation.

So now the question is how to develop travel portal in UAE or white label travel website in UAE that satisfies the need of the adventure and experience hungry traveler? The answer to this is Trip Mega Mart travel portals, one of the premier white label travel website providers in UAE. The following are some of the many reasons why travel agencies all over the world prefer this agency.

World-leading technology for integrations

How to develop a travel website - Trip Mega Mart travel portals are hyper-extendible. This is only one of the many benefits of white label travel portal in UAE developed by this company. You can get GDS Flight API integration in UAE with the most competitive GDS Flight API integration Cost in UAE. This is unlike other white label travel portal development company in UAE that will charge you very high without reason. Similarly you can get several other important integrations to get your travel portal solution online in UAE in no time and cost-efficiently. You will get innumerable ideas to start online travel agency business in UAE courtesy the multitudes of integrations that come with very minimal cost to start online travel agency business in UAE.

This means that you can have as many integrations in your travel portal without incurring exorbitant additional costs or very nominal travel portal development cost in UAE. This is truly liberating international travel portal development in UAE; one that scores high on quality and technological prowess. The white label travel website cost in UAE to benefits ratio will be favorable. You can integrate with as many APIs in this type of travel portal development in UAE. Be it hotel services, desert safari services, exotic accommodations, leisure services, adventure activities third-party providers etc., you can integrate all of them.

Travelers to UAE need to just login to your Trip Mega Mart portal. From here they have access to almost any and every service in Dubai. They can even be given the facility to book events, wedding planners, access ecommerce sites and shop, and even post their travel updates to their social networking sites. Travel franchise opportunities in UAE can generate numerous travel start-ups ideas in UAE considering the versatility of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions.

All of this can be done only on a Trip Mega Mart portal by way of customizations by this B2B2C White Label travel portal development in UAE agency. The cost to customize by the B2C White Label travel portal development in UAE firm is negligible considering that the platform is made to be extendable. Unlike other travel portal solutions, the technology of this white label travel portal development in UAE agency is future-ready and future-proof.

Ready to use

Develop a travel website - As a travel agency, you can bootstrap your business in no time with minimal travel website development cost in UAE. You can start off with some basic functionality when setting up a travel agency business in UAE and later as your business grows extend it with more integrations. So the best time to start off is right now – thanks to Trip Mega Mart travel portals, it is possible to start a travel and tours booking business in very less time. Use the services of this B2B White Label travel portal development in UAE firm to start lean, and keep gaining critical mass.

The benefit of a ready-to-use portal or travel website development in UAE is that you don’t need to build anything from scratch. All the necessary integrations are already in place. Trip Mega Marttravel technology solutions company in UAE will take care of the deployment and back-end part. You can call up the agency to understand what the deployment options are.

Many travel companies lose valuable time and in turn opportunity cost by building travel portals from scratch. This type of online travel portal development in UAE is redundant as Trip Mega Mart portal solutions are based on a proprietary framework. The framework enables travel portals to attain as many customizations as required.

So don’t wait to start thinking how to develop travel portal in UAE. Just deploy the Trip Mega Mart portal right away!


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