Travel Portal Solution Online in UAE

Travel Portal Solution Online in UAE

The United Arab Emirates have become a global hotspot for travel enthusiasts from all over the world. Whether you want to take a desert safari around Riyadh or if you want to enjoy the luxury shopping destinations of Dubai, the UAE has a huge variety of options for travelers. The glitz and glamour of the seven Arab Emirates has been very successfully marketed in order to create a flourishing tourism industry. So, if you are an entrepreneur hoping to become a part of this tourism sector then an online travel portal may be the perfect entry-point for you.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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How to start travel agency business in UAE

If you want to start an online travel agency in the UAE, then the most convenient method will be to purchase a white label website. Trip Mega Mart provides the highest quality white label travel portal development in UAE. They create B2B websites that have all the features needed to provide customers a comprehensive travel planning experience. The websites come with flight booking engines and hotel booking engines. But with numerous airline and hotel suppliers available in the market, it is essential to provide real time data so that customers can get confirmed bookings. For this reason, all Trip Mega Mart websites come with in-built GDS flight API integration in UAE. The API service collects and provides real time, updated and accurate data.

The Trip Mega Mart websites also have payment portals so that customers can make payments quickly and easily. These secure and fast one-click payment portals are a specialty of Trip Mega Mart developers. The websites are designed for easy integration with most third-part payment portals as well because sometimes when a business begins to operate in many regions more payment options become necessary.

Another important aspect that most entrepreneurs think about when setting up a travel agency business in UAE is the need for scalability. Travel businesses want to target the largest number of tourists and international tourists are very lucrative. With a Trip Mega Mart website the business owners can be assured that as their service capabilities grow they will be able to expand the operations of their website from a local level to a global level.

Travel portal development in UAE: features and design

Besides the basic functionalities for all travel portals mentioned above, there are some other factors to keep in mind when developing an online travel website. The website should have easy admin access. All Trip Mega Mart developers add in many admin accesses features into their developments so that business owners or employees with very limited technical skills can also update the trip locations and prices on the website seasonally.

Another very important aspect for travel start-up ideas in UAE is the need for customer satisfaction. For online businesses customer satisfaction is almost entirely dependent on the ease of using the website interface. All Trip Mega Mart websites are appreciated by customers because of the simple interface that can be used intuitively by almost all customers.

But the simplicity of these designs does not mean that all Trip Mega Mart websites are just the same and boring. The websites are customized with the primary branding requirements of the client like their business name and logo. The team of designers at Trip Mega Mart is also ready to always make some small changes in their font styles, colours and layouts according to the preferences of the clients. The website aesthetic is very important to attract the target audience. In today’s day and age the website of any business plays a very important role in creating its brand identity and reputation.

So Trip Mega Mart designers who work on white label travel portal development in UAE always make sure to add some signature features and interesting design elements into each website. These special features can then be used to market the website and bring in traffic flow. The websites are also designed to retain their efficiency and speed of operation even when large numbers of people visit the site.

Trip Mega Mart also ensures that their websites are optimized for viewing on all devices like mobile phones and laptops and with all kinds of software applications like iOS , Microsoft or Android.

Cost of a whitelabel travel website in UAE

White label websites are typically less expensive than websites which are developed fully new and from scratch. But even among white label websites there may be variations in cost according to companies. Trip Mega Mart B2B white label websites are some of the most affordable options in the market. There are different website plans and each plan has its own pricing structure, Travel agent portals can also be included into the website for a small price. There is an annual charge, but it is just 25% of the initial website plan and it is just a fraction of the amount of revenue that the business can earn from the website annually.

So, if you are an entrepreneur in UAE who is struggling to find a business plan that can work with low investment, then a white label travel portal from Trip Mega Mart is the answer to all your questions.


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