Cost to Start Online Travel Agency Business in UAE

Cost to Start Online Travel Agency Business in UAE

It is not easy to set up an online travel business. The website has to provide real time updated information and also provide payment gateways. There is a lot of competition as well in the field of travel start-ups ideas in UAE. UAE has a growing tourism industry. Tourists from all over the world visit the seven Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al-Quwain and Fujairah) in order to experience an exotic new culture.

White Label Travel Portal


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Ideas to Start Online Travel Agency Business in UAE

The simplest and quickest method to start an online travel business is to take the help of a company that specialized is white label travel portal development in UAE. TripMegaMart is the best white label travel portal development company in UAE. They create B2B or B2B2C white label travel portals that come with all the necessary features for a travel business like GDS API integration. This means that the flight booking and hotel booking systems on this website can collect data in real time from various sources. This allows customers to make their travel related reservations all in one place through one single website.

But the GDS flight API integration cost in UAE for new websites from scratch is high. But with a TripMegaMart website business, owners only have to pay a small annual fee that includes maintenance of their website and continued API usage.

Online Travel Portal development in UAE

TripMegaMart travel portals come with a payment portal built into them. This portal is secure and the technology is time tested across different brands. Clients need not worry about losing their money while completing transactions. There is also no need to worry about data leakages of sensitive information through this payment portal. The websites are built for easy integration with third party payment portals as well if the client so desires.

TripMegaMart websites are also optimized for use on all kinds of devices. The websites perform with the same efficiency on computers, laptops and mobiles. The portals are also scalable. A business owner can expand the reach of their business from a regional level to an international level.

The websites are also meant to be able to handle large volumes of traffic. Even when there are many visitors coming to the site, it does not crash.

TripMegaMart websites are also very well designed. Business owners get customized websites with the name and branding of their company. They can request more specifications in colour scheme and overall website design as well.

As a successful travel technology solutions company in UAE, TripMegaMart understands the design requirements for travel portals. The websites have a visually attractive look. They are also super simple to operate. Users can intuitively use these responsive websites.

The websites are also very easy to update and maintain. Business owners without software development skills can also use their admin access to make modifications in the prices and services listed on the website. This makes it easy for startups as they do not have to employ a separate technical team for their updates.

TripMegaMart travel portals have high quality functionality and a good overall aesthetic. The uniqueness of each website makes it easy for website owners to advertise their brands. The digital advertising campaigns can focus on the signature features or visual features of the websites. This brings in more customers and helps to build customer retention.

White label Travel Website Cost in UAE

There are many ways to go about starting an online business. Technically trained professionals with software engineering skills can develop their own websites. Companies with huge budgets can hire a team of developers to exclusively work on building their project. Or business owners can make a smart decision and get almost the same quality of service at half the price with a white label website.

TripMegaMart white label travel portal development has a few different plans. Each plan is priced differently based on the kinds of features it provides. Travel agent portals are also available for a small extra charge. TripMegaMart websites are very affordable and at par with the industry standards. Pricing is somewhat flexible as customers only have to pay for their own particular customization requirements. The annual maintenance fee is also just 25% of the total website development plan price.

Are you starting a travel business in UAE? Do you perhaps want to expand your existing UAE based travel business? Then get a quotation from TripMegaMart today for your online website. Save up for this small investment and get a full-fledged business model in an industry that will keep flourishing in the next few years. UAE is only just coming into its own as a global tourist hotspot and there is plenty of scope for the travel industry to expand here.


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