How to Start Travel business Online in UAE

How to Start Travel business Online in UAE

Are you among those who make frequent travel plans? If yes, then you should definitely start travel agency business in UAE. Being a much-loved travel destination, UAE will give you ample opportunities to grow your love for travel and also make a living out of it. The only question you need to address is whether you want to have a physical travel agency or an online one.


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While physical travel agencies have been in the market for decades, online travel portals are getting recognition widely. They are fast, cheap, and give an online presence to travel agents. To know how you can set up an online travel agency, read our section below.

Setting up a Travel Agency Business in UAE

The UAE is regarded by tourists as one of the best places to travel. The magnificent structures built against a picturesque backdrop makes UAE a luxurious yet refreshing gateway for travel enthusiasts.

The capital city Dubai is among the most visited places of the UAE. The mega structures surrounding the city fascinates many. In terms of culture, Sharjah is the place where you can witness the country's rich heritage. The city has been regarded by UNESCO as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World. Other popular travel destinations include Fujairah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Hatta. The huge crowd seen in these and the various other places of the UAE makes travel website development in the UAE with companies like Trip Mega Mart a popular service.

White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE

One effective way to establish your own tour and travel agency is by utilizing white label portals. These platforms provide you with the opportunity to showcase and sell your services under your unique logo, all while the actual platform is developed by a third party. This approach allows you to swiftly launch your business online without the need to invest considerable time and effort in building a website from the ground up. If you lack the technical expertise to design the portal independently, consider seeking professional assistance. In fact, learning how to start a tour and travel agency through white label portals can streamline the initial setup process and enhance your online presence.

You can reach out to expert companies like Trip Mega Mart for your website. You only need to provide them with your business plan and specific requirements. The website development companies ensure that they use their experience and design websites that can satisfy individual needs.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in UAE

Starting a tour and travel agency in the UAE can be a lucrative venture, given the thriving travel and tourism sector in the region. Entrepreneurs often find this business appealing due to the high demand for travel services. The popularity of online travel agencies further enhances the opportunities in this field, as they offer convenient access to a wide range of travelers.

If you're considering entering the travel agency business, exploring the option of establishing an online platform can significantly boost your reach. With the prevalence of digital solutions, online travel agencies have become increasingly popular, attracting customers from various locations. Utilizing a white label platform, especially one crafted by industry leaders like Trip Mega Mart, can make your agency even more desirable to both customers and fellow travel agents.

To learn more about how to start a tour and travel agency successfully, it's essential to understand the market trends, customer preferences, and the technological tools available. By leveraging the advantages of online platforms and partnering with established providers like Trip Mega Mart, you can enhance the accessibility and appeal of your travel agency in the competitive landscape of the UAE.

Here are some of the benefits of white label portals.

● Easy GDS Flight API Integration in UAE

● Time saving with predetermined templates and web building solutions

● Technical and non-technical assistance from team of experts

● User-friendly interface for hassle-free access by customers

● Secure payment gateway for accepting payments by both internal and external customers

● Travel Portal Solution Online in UAE

● Cost-effective in terms of working with a small yet skilled team such as those offered by Trip Mega Mart

● Easy management of bookings such as flight and hotel

● Multilingual features that allow both the customers and you to conduct travel search in preferred languages

How to Start Travel business Online in UAE

To start a travel agency in UAE, you need to first pick up the travel products that are permitted under the UAE law. You can take expert advice on this from companies such as Trip Mega Mart.

Remember that you can excel in your domain only when you have a flair for that. So, while it is important to select travel products that are popular among the travellers, you should also look at your interest and expertise.

Naming your company is the next step. Your company name should not be similar to any other registered company name. The name should also not be of religious or political offense. The name you choose must be unique. It should also be representative of the nature of your business without misleading the customers.

You also need to obtain a business license from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). An e-commerce website licence is what you will need to operate from online platforms. If you opt for the UAE free zone such as Fujairah Creative City to start your travel business, then you can get exemption from customs tax, annual audit, and foreign currency restrictions. Once you finish off with these jobs, start looking for potential website.

developing companies. There are several options that you can choose from. So, building your travel portal should not be difficult. However, you cannot afford to compromise with the quality. That is why trust reputed companies like Trip Mega Mart for building a responsive and effective website.

So, to successfully set a travel agency business in the UAE, opt for online platforms like white label portals after you meet the country's business policies. White label portals are easy to access and maintain. With the correct white label travel website providers in UAE, you can meet your business goals faster with these online platforms.


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