International Travel Portal Development in UAE

International Travel Portal Development in UAE

There are a number of destinations throughout the world that allure travelers. UAE is one such destination where millions of travel enthusiasts with different souls gather each year. From the mega skyscrapers to the quiet deserts and mountains, UAE is the paradise of travelers. Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al-Quwain, Musandam, and Fujairah are some of the places widely visited along with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, to establish a successful travel business, you would need expert white label travel website providers in UAE who can let you explore the advantages of travel portals to their fullest capacity.


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Benefits of International Travel Portal Development in UAE

● Accessibility to customers- travel portals can help you to reach out to a large number of travelers in a short span of time. With millions of internet users browsing through web pages almost all day, finding potential buyers is no more difficult with travel websites.

● Fast booking- travel portals let customers book travel services such as hotels and flights directly from the portal. This expedites the process of planning the tour as customers can make reservations as soon as they find an exciting deal. This, in other words, means your chances of getting business from the customers increases greatly.

● Diverse service options- GDS flight API integration in UAE can let you offer airline ticket booking facilities to your customers. Similarly, you can offer hotel booking, car renting, and various other facilities to the travelers booking travel services from your portal.

● Easy payment management- with travel portals you can manage transactions easily without any manual work. As all outgoing and incoming transactions are stored on the platform itself, you can check them anytime and review your business revenue. Reliable payment gateways such as those integrated by Trip Mega Mart can also help you to gain the trust of your customers.

Types of Travel Portals

Broadly speaking, you can categorize travel portals into two variants.

● B2B - B2B white label travel portal development in UAE would mean offering travel services to other businesses via the B2B platform.

● B2C - B2C white label travel portal development in UAE would enable you to offer your services directly to the end customers (or travelers) right on the platform. Being white label means to have been developed by a skilled third-party company such as Trip Mega Mart. You can, however, sell the products under your brand.

Key Features of Travel Portals

● Image Based - An important feature of travel portals is the look. Beautiful images of the travel destinations can create an urge in the customers to make an immediate plan of visiting the place using your services. Take expert assistance from Trip Mega Mart on compelling web designs that can push your company revenue.

● Informative - Besides purchase deals and options, a good travel portal must have stories to tell about the destinations that their services are linked to. This makes customers stay longer on your website and may eventually lead to a purchase.

● User Friendly - To be user friendly means to be able to operate on low internet bandwidth, easy navigation throughout the portal, and accessibility on mobile devices. Additionally, there should be predictive searches on your portal to let customers land on their desired page without much delay.

How to Develop Travel Portal in UAE

To start travel agency business online in UAE, you need to hire professionals who can design an efficient travel portal for you. There are many companies that have experience in building travel websites. You need to hire on the basis of your business needs. The cost of the portal development is also an important factor to consider. Trip Mega Mart can provide you a cost-effective portal with all the essential features.

Additionally, there are some aspects which you need to look into before you hire any company.

● Identify Your Niche - Cater to that aspect of traveling that you are personally fond of. This will help you to give your best effort and provide outstanding travel experience to your customers. This will also reduce your time on researching and gathering knowledge as you would already have quite some understanding.

● Know Industry Trends - Once you know your niche, find out what is the current choice of travelers. It is important to offer travel products that are in trend. However, you should also keep flexibility to adopt the changes in trends to avoid falling behind in the business. Connect with Trip Mega Mart to know about the current popular travel products.

● Plan Financial Requirements - The next big and crucial step is to identify the expenses involved. This will allow you to search for investors and upscale your resources if that is possible financially.

So, to start travel agency business in UAE, opt for travel portals that can let you conduct business smoothly and establish your company reputation. Connect with experts like Trip Mega Mart and enjoy the various features of travel portals.


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