Setting up a Travel Agency Business in UAE

Setting up a Travel Agency Business in UAE

The UAE government promotes tourism in a big way. The Tourism Vision initiative of the government aims to increase touristic traffic in excess of 20 million. Given this impetus on tourism, setting up a travel agency business in UAE right away is a good idea. But how can you do it right away? You might think that you need to setup a travel portal, build all the integrations from scratch, and learn how to create online travel agency website, travel website development. But that is not the case. You can use the services of Trip Mega Mart, a leading travel website development company, to create your own online travel agency website in UAE in no time. They will handle all the technical aspects of your travel website, such as design, hosting, payment gateway, API integration, and more. You just need to focus on your core business and offer the best travel services to your customers.


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The good news is that you can start travel agency business in UAE in as little as a week or in a few days. Trip Mega Mart already provides ready-made travel portals. All the necessary integrations have already been made. All you need to do is purchase one, take help of this company to set it up, and you can start doing business.

How to start travel agency business in UAE?

Cost to start online travel agency business in UAE with Trip Mega Mart solutions is outweighed by the benefits. Considering that tourism contributes to about 5% of UAE’s GDP, that’s a staggering amount of AED 115 billion. This sector supports more than 700,000 jobs too. Given all of this opportunity, there are many types of travel agencies that can operate out of the UAE.

To start travel agency business online in UAE, the following are some general steps.

Company formation

You will have to conclude on the type of travel agency you plan to start before setting up a travel agency business in UAE. You can always rely on a Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution irrespective of the type of travel business you decide to operate. There are many ideas to start online travel agency business in UAE. Get expert advice on company formation experts. Research the market on which is the niche you plan to fulfil.

Get a good catchy company name that is relevant

One of the first steps to start a travel business online in UAE is to choose a reliable company for travel website development. This is how to create online travel agency website that will attract customers and generate revenue. In the travel business, the cover is as important as the content. That’s why so many businesses choose Trip Mega Mart travel portals. Because not only are they appealing sites, they are functionally rich as well. In Dubai, the Department for Economic Development is the regulatory agency that will have to approve your company name. If your company name is like another company name, then your company name won’t be approved.

Business license application

The DED approves business license applications. Post-which, you can setup your Trip Mega Mart travel portal for your online travel agency in Dubai. The license approval process is online and automated, making it very easy for you to start travel business from home in UAE. You will need to provide your passport copies, certificate of incorporation, and memorandum of association. These are a few of the general documents.

Depending on the business sector you are catering, the DED might require additional documents. You might need to seek approval from other departments too. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing is one such department like the DED that approves business license applications.

Tourism license application

You are almost there! Your Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution is all ready to start helping travellers make bookings. But you will have to seek approval from DTCM for a tourism license for setting up a travel agency business in UAE. The license received might vary depending on the nature of the business. You will need to provide your business plan, criminal record certificates, no object certificate etc. If you are selling flight tickets, then get an NOC from UAE’s Civil Aviation Authority. Then not to forget, you always have your White Label travel portal in UAE ready, so that these authorities know that you are ready to take bookings right away.

Employee visa applications

Your travel portal from Trip Mega Mart is all up and running. But you might need employees to assist you. Ensure that once your employees enter the country, you apply for their employee visas within 30 days. Apply for staff entry permits on the portal of the Ministry of Interior. Once the employee visa is issued, the visa can be activated by the employees. You will need to apply for employees visas to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

Opening a corporate bank account

It’s almost done. Despite all this process, you never need to worry about a portal, because Trip Mega Mart travel portal was readily available. That’s why travel start-ups ideas in UAE succeed because of solutions such as these. However, to operate your travel agency, you will need a corporate bank account. There could be a minimum balance requirement. It is generally a minimum continuous balance. Banks might require license papers, memorandum of association, and company board of directors’ resolution etc. to open a corporate account for your company. Once that is done, you are now all set. Congrats!


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