Start Travel Agency Business Online in UAE

Start Travel Agency Business Online in UAE

If you are interested to know how to start your own travel agency in UAE, you should know that the growth in the tourism sector over the past decade has changed the way travel agency’s function. Travel business is no longer restricted to physical addresses. A large number of travel agents are now available online accepting bookings and payments directly on the portal.

Travel portals are websites that allow you to collaborate with hotel and other service owners and offer them to customers. For the remunerative travel sector of UAE, this means that you attract a huge number of customers to your business. So, anyone who wishes to start travel agency business online in UAE must consider travel portals.

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Tourism in the UAE

If you have a passion for travel and want to know how to start your own travel agency in UAE, you are in luck. The UAE is a great place to start a travel business. The country witnesses millions of explorers every year. While its most popular tourist destinations are the Burj Khalifa of Dubai and Louvre Museum and Sheikh Zayed Mosque of Abu Dhabi, there are numerous other spots that offer breathtaking views. From sea breaches to deserts, the country has diverse choices for travel enthusiasts. So, an effective way of catering to the travel industry of the UAE is through online platforms. You can seek assistance from professionals like Trip Mega Mart who have years of experience in designing business-specific travel portals.

Benefits of Online Travel Business

There are various benefits that online travel portal development in UAE can bring to your business.

● The cost to start online travel agency business in UAE reduces greatly with white label portals designed by affordable website developers such as Trip Mega Mart. You do not spend on the inception of a white label platform as they are already built by experts. So, you can easily start your travel business by partnering with travel service providers.

● Online travel business means you can opt for GDS flight API integration in UAE on your website and allow customers to book flight tickets from your website. Customers can check availability of flights and make better travel plans.

● Conducting business online can provide you with the scope of reaching a large number of travelers within a short span of time. You can build a portal with Trip Mega Mart where happy customers leave reviews. This is a great way of marketing your business among the class of consumers who prefer referring to serve history before selecting a seller.

How to Start Travel business Online in UAE

Prepare a Business Model - Determine the kind of agency you want to establish. That is, whether you wish to associate with a host agency or start an independent business. To start travel agency business in UAE, it is advisable to get in touch with any host travel agency who can let you know the mandates that apply to the tourism sector. In case you want to partner with the host, you will be able to work with their contacts and receive commissions upon booking. As an independent agency, you need to quote your commission rate for bookings to the travel product providers.

Select Niche - Identify the domain that interests you. You must opt for services that are feasible for you to offer customers. Travel Website Development in UAE will let you host hotel booking services as well as transportation services. While both these services are in huge demand among travelers, you may initially not have the capacity to support both. So, it is better to focus on products that you can provide customers at the best quality. Trip Mega Mart can help you with deciding on the best possible services for your business.

Follow Legal Compliances - Every country has its own set of laws for different trades. Similarly, setting up a travel agency business in UAE requires a business owner to have a trade license. In addition, travel agents must also have a tourism license from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). It is also important that you have insurance policies that cover your customers as well as yourself. Also, you need to select a unique company name that does not hurt any political or religious sentiments. Website designing companies like Trip Mega Mart can assist you on this.

Hire Development Team - A successful online business requires a great website that you can work upon. So, it is important that you hire reputed white label travel website providers in UAE. With dedicated professionals designing your website, you can support various services without any hassle. But it is important that the developer understands your specific needs and incorporates them to the website. The developing company must also have satisfactory work history. One name that you can trust on is Trip Mega Mart.

Thus, to start travel business from home in UAE, onlinetravel portals are a great choice. These are a cost-effective means of furnishing various service options for travelers. By operating online, your business becomes accessible to people from different corners of the world. This contributes greatly to accelerating your revenue.


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