Revitalize Your Travel Business with Our Agent Dashboard
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Agent Dashboard

Included in the Diamond plan.

Available for Silver and Gold plans at an extra fee.

Enables you to set various markups for agents, with options to manage, block, unblock, add, edit, or remove agents.

As the Master Admin, you can capitalize on every booking made by your agents, leveraging markups from both parties for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Agent Dashboard Highlights:

Agency Management: Empower travel agents to oversee and adjust agency details like business name, logo, address, and contact information.

Profile Customization: Allow agents to update agency information including business address, logo, and contact details.

Booking Overview: Provide agents with a comprehensive view of their booking history and details for all clients across all inventories.

Markup Management: Enable agents to regulate markups on bookings, ensuring profitability on every transaction.

Financial Insights: Offer agents a centralized platform to monitor earnings, commissions, and payments from their bookings.

Ticket Printing: Facilitate agents in printing flight tickets for clients, ensuring convenience during travel.

Ticket Cancellation: Grant agents the ability to cancel flight tickets for clients in case of itinerary changes.

Flight Rescheduling: Empower agents to modify flight dates or times for clients when necessary.

Online Check-in Assistance: Assist agents in facilitating online flight check-ins for clients, streamlining airport procedures.

Group Booking Requests: Enable agents to make group flight booking inquiries for clients, catering to corporate or group travel needs.

Booking Capabilities: Provide agents with tools to search, compare, and book flights, hotels, tours, car rentals, and cruises for clients based on preferences.

Customer Support: Offer agents access to customer support via various channels including live chat, phone, callback requests, WhatsApp, or email.

Flight Quotation Sharing: Facilitate agents in sharing flight quotations with clients via WhatsApp or email, or copying quotations for client use in their own bookings.

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