Cost of White Label Travel Portal in UAE

Cost of White Label Travel Portal in UAE

UAE receives millions of international tourists on a regular basis. There are many travel agencies and travel service providers operating in the UAE. These providers usually offer tour packages as well so that tourists can visit many parts of the UAE at an affordable price.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Trip Mega Mart is a travel portal development company that offers tour booking portal development services so that these tours can be advertised and sold online. Their tour package enquiry website development team understands that tour packages may need to be updated regularly according to seasonal or pricing requirements. All the websites have easy admin access so that entrepreneurs with just basic computer skills can also update and provide accurate information on their portal. It is an important aspect that drives traffic to a website so the website design is given importance.

Design ideas for travel portal developers in UAE

Trip Mega Mart does not stop at creating functional websites, attention is also paid to make each website stand out from all the other white label portals sold by them. Each and website building plan has some basic customization factored in- this includes adding in the business name, the business logo and any other simple branding needs. More complex customizations in terms of design or functionality are also available.

These customizations give each website its unique aesthetic style that can be leveraged for marketing campaigns to draw in more customers. But even if customers are attracted by interesting designs they will not waste their time on a website that is difficult to use. Trip Mega Mart websites are all very user-friendly and are designed to be used intuitively by people of all technical skill levels. Anyone with a working knowledge of operating computers will be able to use the websites without any problems.

Travel portal development cost in UAE

There are many different pricing plans available at Trip Mega Mart for their travel portals. Individual travel agent portals can also be included into the plan for minimal charges. Extra customizations if needed may require some more fees.

But in general Trip Mega Mart pricing structure is very affordable. The cost is much lower than what it would take to hire website builders and create new website afresh. Trip Mega Mart does however charge an annual fee. This fee is 25% of the basic website plan and most clients find this fee reasonable as it also covers the API service from top-grade suppliers.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a successful business owner? Then it may be time for you to get a quotation from the leading travel portal development company in UAE, Trip Mega Mart. Save up the money needed for your first white label portal purchase and then set yourself up for years of steady income and career growth. Online portals are going to be the new drivers of the economy and it is best to jump on the trend as soon as possible.

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