B2B2C Travel Portal in UAE

B2B2C Travel Portal in UAE

Tourism has provided lots of opportunities for UAE economically. It has greatly benefitted this country’s economic, social, and technological potentials. Serving as a way for foreign investments into the country, tourism has increased the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


Ashburn, Virginia, United States

The presence of Trip Mega Marttravel portal development in UAE that is available at low travel portal development cost, has come as a boon for several travel agencies. They were able to realize immediate and long-term benefits by using the services of this B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development.

There is proof that some of the travel agencies that used the services of Trip Mega Martonline travel portal development, realized business benefits immediately. These agencies needed less to worry about how to develop travel portal in UAE and focus more on building their business network.

Uses of Trip Mega Mart online travel portal development

Productivity enhancing features

A ready-made travel portal from Trip Mega Mart can serve as a liaison not only between the travel agency and its customers, but amongst its vendors and suppliers as well.

For example, a Flight & Hotel Aggregators for Travel Agents in UAE module can help the travel agency interface with third party service providers.

A Flight & Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents can help travel agencies invite accommodation service providers to register with them and offer services moderated by the engine.

The travel portal can also manage the day-to-day tasks of the travel agency’s employees. The employee service or self-service module can be integrated into the travel portal.

The reason to do this type of travel website development or mobile portal development is many. One important reason is that it provides a better context.

The travel portal will have access to customer requests, and there could be several employees working on these customer requests. So, it makes administrative sense to work off the same portal.

Reducing human errors

For enhanced customer experience, a travel portal or travel technology solution from Trip Mega Mart can leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence to reduce human errors.

Such errors arise wherever there is a manual element. Examples are data entry, manual form filling, application processing, providing information and so on.

Even a FlightReservation System in UAE can be completely automated so that customers have to fill-in less and rely more on automated data, pre-filling, and auto-suggestions.

By reducing such errors, through the use of advanced technologies from travel portal developer’s customers are served better. Travelers are able to get accurate information. They are also able to produce accurate data regarding their services, preferences, personal details etc. All of this information is critical and important for travel agencies and government run travel regulatory authorities.

Trip Mega Mart websites are also capable of scaling up which makes them perfect for all start-ups. A small travel business that starts operating at a local or regional level today, can easily decide to scale up into a full-fledged international business while keeping the same site. Get in touch with Trip Mega Mart today!

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