B2B Travel White Label Solution in UAE

B2B Travel White Label Solution in UAE

The Arab country of UAE or United Arab Emirateshas not left any stone unturned in attracting tourists from all over the world to witness its majestic structures along with its natural marvels. Keeping this in mind, a number of enterprising business minded individuals have taken the leap and set-up travel agencies to cater to the increasing demands of the tourism sector.


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Web designing for B2B white label travel portal development in UAE

A renowned travel portal development company known by the name of Trip Mega Mart has been rampantly creating websites that have been designed by teams of highly skilled professional web designers. They customize the website for each client with the brand name and the logo of the business. Some clients even decide to pay extra for special customizations like changes in layout, theme, colors. These changes are made so that the website becomes more aesthetically appealing to customers. This is highly effective in building brand identity and improving customer acquisition for the entrepreneur.

But Trip Mega Mart designers do not just stop at making websites pleasing to the eye. They also give equal importance to the usability of websites. Client retention is nearly impossible if a website is too difficult to use. All Trip Mega Mart websites are designed for intuitive usage. This means that people of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds will be able to use the website without any prior guidance if they have just some basic experience of using digital platforms.

At Trip Mega Mart they are able to make this process of creating an online travel business much easier with their white label travel portal solutions. Their travel portals have GDS API integration built into them which means that the hotel booking engines or the flight booking engines for the client websites function with real time data that is collated from a number of sources. The clients can therefore, book all their travel requirements from the same source without having to move to different platforms, therebyintensifying their loyalty to the given portal.

Travel Portal Solutions

Their B2B, B2C or B2B2C travel portal solutions are also very easy to use. The pages are optimized for viewing on all kinds of devices and browsers. The pages are designed in such a way, that they load quickly so that thecustomers interest can be retained. At Trip Mega Mart they are also able to add other travel related services like car rental systems and travel package systems to our client’s travel portal.

Their travel portal development service is fully customizable and clients can choose the kind of add on features they want and pay accordingly. At Trip Mega Mart their philosophy at is to encourage budding entrepreneurship.

So, in spite of having years of industry experience building successful travel portals, they still believe in keeping their pricing very affordable. With different website plans in place, each in a different price range, small, medium or already established businesses can all grow with the help of an online travel portal.

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