White Label Travel Website Cost in UAE

White Label Travel Website Cost in UAE

Travel website development has always worried travel agencies who have plans to start travel agency business in UAE. Many of them simply didn’t even venture into having a full-fledged travel portal after even becoming aware of how to start travel agency business in UAE with a travel website.


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They instead, stuck with a basic website. So basic it was that these websites didn’t have anything else but some static webpages. Not enough to start travel agency business online in UAE to attract customers.

Unfortunately, that’s not really what travelers want from those who are running travel agencies and have plans to explore more travel franchise opportunities in UAE. And this is not how to start travel business online in UAE without a good travel portal.

Customers want to be able to interact with travel agency via a technological medium – the most common being a travel portal. They want to use online interfaces like they are used to seeing and operating in their daily lives.

They want the travel agencies or anybody planning to start travel business from home in UAE to provide more services by using B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE, and become more organized, and even more technologically advanced.

How Trip Mega Mart portals has rescued many travel agencies

Many travel agencies were propped up and brought up to speed by Trip Mega Mart – the premier White Label Solution for Travel Agents in UAE. These travel agencies in UAE were missing the big picture by not adapting fast.

Because of lackluster travel portal development in UAE by some other travel portal solutions providers in UAE, these agencies incurred unnecessary White Label travel website cost in UAE. They thus lost all hopes of building their businesses using just a travel portal website or White Label travel website in UAE.

In such situations, Trip Mega Mart, the world’s best travel technology solutions company in UAE came as a not just a saving grace for these companies, but a trump card too. It was the company’s winning move because not only did they break even, but even post profits. Their overall travel website development cost in UAE was nominal compared to the transformative benefits they realized with the White Label Solution for Travel Agents. Here is how they were transformed.

Travel agencies got a travel portal that could accommodate as many integrations as needed

Unlike old travel portal technology that had only static integrations, that could not be removed, Trip Mega Mart travel portal integration support is dynamic. This aspect allows anyone planning on setting up a travel agency business in UAE to have services that can be expanded in the future.

The travel portal development company has created a platform that allows any number of integrations to be added, removed, modified, or custom integrations to be built. For instance, a travel agency can get out-of-the-box support for GDS flight API integration cost in UAE, with very nominal GDS flight API integration cost in UAE.

In addition to these ready-made integrations, if a travel agency wants the White Label Travel Portal Development Company in UAE to provide integrations to entertainment services, events, adventure services etc. this can be done too.

Now the question arises as to how integrations can help. Integrations are currently the only way for business expansion using a travel portal solution online in UAE. When a travel portal is integrated with third-party services, there is no need for offering a service from scratch.

The travel agency can simply relay its customers to the other service provider, and get a commission in return. It is however the onus of the travel agency to select good service providers.

Customizations made travel agencies be customer focused and personable

Trip Mega Mart, the renowned international travel portal development in UAE company, is probably one of those rare firms that provides customizations at such a granular level.

If customers have a unique idea that they want implemented, they can communicate the same to this online travel portal development in UAE company. The customizations are designed, developed, implemented, tested, and deployed. The process is transparent and does not involved exorbitant costs.

Compared to several other travel portal website development agencies, this type of custom portal development from this B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE firm has advanced processes.

This is in fact the only way how to develop travel portal in UAE for the short and long term. Backed by a framework that supports expansion of services, with easy integrations, and non-disrupting customizations, the highly modular design of the travel portal technology enables this.

All of this can be done by Trip Mega Mart at very nominal travel portal development cost in UAE. Built from the ground-up using proprietary technologies, and built to scale, this is the only travel portal suite of technologies that can provide guaranteed security, scalability, and service assurance.


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