Travel Start-up ideas in the UAE

Travel Start-up ideas in the UAE

With tourist numbers on track to surpass the government's Tourism Vision 2020 objective of 20 million tourist arrivals to Dubai alone by 2020, now is a perfect moment to establish a tourism firm in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to official data, tourism will be worth AED 116 billion by 2027 – or 5.4 percent of the UAE's GDP – actively or passively supporting over 750,000 employment opportunities. Are you getting ideas to start travel business from home in UAE?


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Because the field is highly regulated, seeking professional guidance from start-up professionals like Trip Mega Mart on establishing a travel agency firm while adhering to the regulations might save you money in the long run. They are a travel portal development company that can assist you for how to start travel business online in UAE. Looking out travel franchise opportunities in UAE? Then here is your chance.

Let's explore those critical stages in order.

1. Initiate your commercial activity
You'll need to determine the type of travel business you want to manage; will you be a travel agency, an inbound or an outward tour operator? There is an abundance of activities to select from throughout the many markets you can service.

This choice will determine which of three extra licenses you will need to apply for later if not all three.

Company formation specialists like Trip Mega Mart can advise you on the best course of action based on your business plan, preventing the severe mistake of making the incorrect option and having to restart the procedure or rewrite your company plan.

2. Decide on a business name
Avoid becoming too connected to any names unless you're familiar with the regulations. At the same time, terms such as 'global,' 'international,' 'East,' or 'West' are permitted. They may incur additional costs and are subject to various limitations.

Offensive words, for example, are naturally prohibited, as is God's name, whether in English or Arabic.

The Department for Economic Development (DED), Dubai's licensing body, will refuse to give a trade license if your business name is even remotely similar to that of another organization operating in the same industry. Therefore, it's critical to get guidance on what is acceptable.

The repercussions of attempting this alone can be time-consuming; the DED will deny you a business license if your company name violates the needed regulations. You may also be penalized for abusing a name approved by the DED but does not accurately reflect your principal activity.

Can you afford to make a mistake?
It's never been so much easier to start your own travel business. Trip Mega Mart takes care of everything, leaving you free to focus on what counts most - growing your business.

5. Legal Formalities: As the business is being set up in the United Arab Emirates, it is important to abide by the legal formalities. Whether setting up a Travel Agency Business in the UAE requires any kind of pre-requisites. These all things need to be taken care of. If the Travel Franchise is covering the entire International domain, then also all the legal formalities need to be complete. There can be restrictions on Web Portals as well so all those things need to be checked and this can be done by Trip Mega Mart as they will be assisting the Business owner throughout the Setting up a Travel Agency Business in the UAE.


It is very much clear that any business and especially Travel Franchise Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates requires special measures to be taken by the business owner. This business idea will definitely flourish if all the above mentioned essentials are fulfilled by the business owner. Then comes the very important contribution of the Web Portal Developer that is Trip Mega Mart. The team of Trip Mega Mart is highly qualified and they have helped build several businesses get established from the very grass root level. We are also talking about international reach of the Travel Franchise that is going to be opened in the United Arab Emirates.


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