Top requirements of travel website development in UAE

Top requirements of travel website development in UAE

There are many requirements for travel website development in UAE. A travel website is one that assists travellers – it is also the effort of any online travel portal development in UAE. Unfortunately, there are innumerable travel websites and portals that offer little to no help. These are just stationary websites with a calling number and email address. Tourists are sceptical about making bookings. There have been cases where bookings have been sabotaged. Insecure websites with a lack of proper integrations and security in place has turned away travellers. This is not how to develop travel portal in UAE for travellers. But there is good news for travel franchise opportunities in UAE – Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in UAE.


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How Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions is helping travel agencies in UAE

Trip Mega Mart has made it possible for anyone to start travel agency business in UAE with minimum cost. The company has also made it possible for travellers to book travel services from any country. They can transact safely on the travel portals without worrying about security breaches. This single benefit out of the long list of benefits has created a lot of travel demand in the UAE.

Travel portals with very high number of integrations

Travelers can use Trip Mega Mart travel portals to book airlines, cruise lines, accommodations, hotels, tours, safaris etc. Booking these services otherwise is time consuming and exhausting. Manually booking these services with the use of travel operators can lead to errors in entry and could hamper the trip. Thanks to the integrations that these travel portals provide, it is possible to book any type of travel service. This is amongst the rare White Label Travel Website Providers in UAE with the ability to integrate with almost any service.

Travel agencies can help travellers reschedule their travel

Rescheduling travel can be cumbersome. Especially if it is done manually. Thus the requirement of travel website development in UAE is to help travellers rebook. Once they rebook, there should minimal to negligible or no monetary loss. Importantly, there should be no loss of information, services, contacts and so on. Trip Mega Mart travel portals can be customized to provide these solutions. This is how to start travel agency business in UAE with a strong customer focus – allow them to reschedule anytime.

Choosing the places to go

A travel portal from Trip Mega Mart¸ a travel technology solutions company in UAE, can be customized to have blogs, forums, and candid conversation platforms as well. The white label travel website in UAE could be integrated with virtual assistance services from third-party travel information services providers or with the travel agency’s assistance experts as well. The reason to do this is many. One important reason for this type of travel website development in UAE is that it helps travellers choose the places to visit. Because not every day might be a good day to visit some places. So travellers can get such information from the travel portal itself. No need to look elsewhere.

Documentation management

Travel portals of today severely lack this. Setting up a travel agency business in UAE with this service is a great idea. Trip Mega Mart travel portals can be customized to provide these services. Being extensible, these travel portals can be integrated with third-party documentation management systems. So that travellers can manage all their documents. They can provide the immunization, health, travel, passport, criminal history, driving history, and other travel related documents. Any time there is a requirement to produce these; it can be retrieved from the travel portal. So before you start travel business from home in UAE, think of how such features will help your prospective customers.

Perks and rewards

Yes, there are mobile apps. But there are way too many, and it is way too confusing. Those who have travel start-ups ideas in UAE can think of offering a rewards and perks aggregation service on their travel portal itself. Only a Trip Mega Mart travel portal can provide such technological feasibility. Being a flexible technological platform, these portal solutions can be integrated into as many reward management and travel discount portals. So that travellers can keep stock of their rewards on this travel portal solution online in UAE– all in one place.

Travel customizations

One of the benefits of white label travel portal in UAE is that it can be moulded in as many ways as possible to suit the business requirements. One such business requirement is to help travellers customize their travel plans. Instead of calling travel operators, travellers can request for customizations on the portal itself. Trip Mega Mart, the international travel portal development in UAE expert, develops portals that can be custom built to have this feature, per business, per travel sector, and as per customer demographic. This type of flexibility is not offered by any other B2C White Label travel portal development in UAE agency.


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