Start Travel Business from Home in UAE

Start Travel Business from Home in UAE

Travel industry has been eyed by entrepreneurs for many decades due to the constant growth in the sector. With people developing fondness and need for travel to seek a break from their daily life, tourism across the globe is getting a strong push. This has urged travel agents to move beyond the conventional physical agencies and come up with more accessible options for travellers such as the online platform.

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Places like the UAE where the tourism industry is growing at a fast pace, people are curious to find out business opportunities in this sector. This is why travel website development in UAE is in high demand.

Travel Start-ups Ideas in UAE

UAE can give you ample opportunities for start-ups related to the travel sector. UAE is visited by millions every year. There are various aspects of traveling that the tourists need assistance with. So, here are some of the start-up ideas that can help you become a successful entrepreneur in the UAE travel market.

● Travel Blog- Knowing in depth about the place you visit is desirable for making a good travel plan. If you know about the popular travel destinations of the UAE, then you can start publishing travel blogs. This is an easy-to-start business plan that can fetch you a sufficient earning.

● Car Rental- Driving on the streets of the UAE is an idea that travellers are completely in love with. You can provide car rentals with drivers or self-driven cars. To manage bookings better, you can create an app that allows travellers to book cars directly from your company.

● Hotel Booking- Another travel product that always stays in demand with the travellers is booking hotels. While some may seek accommodations after reaching the destination, most travellers prefer pre-booking. This is what makes online hotel booking platforms so common in the tourism industry. You can connect with companies such as Trip Mega Mart to get the best hotel booking portal.

Start Travel Business from Home in UAE

Travel business in the UAE can be quite profitable due to the country's prominent tourism sector. Anyone who wishes to start travel agency business in UAE is required to select between three activities.

● Inbound Tour Operator- This allows organizing tours for foreigners or for the localities, providing transportations, and arranging visas

● Outbound Tour Operator- Under this a person can organize tourist programs on foreign locations

● Travel Agency- This allows booking car rentals and hotels as well as sell airline tickets authorised by the concerned agents

To operate as a travel agent, you need to select a unique name for your travel company. It is important that the name you choose does not hurt religious or political sentiments. The name should also not be registered by some other party. Moreover, your company name should reflect the nature of your business. If you fail to meet one or all of these requirements, the licence issuing authority will reject your application. Take assistance from experts like Trip Mega Mart to avoid rejection of the application.

Obtaining a trade license is a crucial requirement for setting up a travel agency business in UAE. Additionally, you would need a tourism license issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). This licence is granted only after you submit a certificate of zero criminal records and your business plan. If you wish to sell airline tickets, then you would also have to obtain a "No Objection Certificate" issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and submit it to DTCM.

Apart from licences, you need to have an account in a corporate bank. You will reach this step after you successfully pass through the previous steps. Once you get the account created, decide on the platform where you would want to operate your business from. As online travel agencies stand a better chance of succeeding in the business, it is advisable that you opt for white label websites created by skilled companies like Trip Mega Mart.

White Label Travel Portal Development in UAE

White label portals consist of API integrated services such as hotel booking and airline ticket booking. These websites are built by expert companies like Trip Mega Mart that have experience delivering effective and user-friendly websites. You can use the website using your brand name. You can also customize the available templates as per your specific needs.

White label travel website cost in UAE would depend on certain factors, such as

● experience of the website development company

● size of your project

● number of resources needed to design and deliver the website

● kind of services you choose to offer on your travel portal

Considering these factors, you can get online travel portal development in UAE at different price offers. Since the quality of your portal is vital for meeting customer satisfaction, look out for companies that guarantee quality at an affordable price. Companies such as Trip Mega Mart offer a range of services at a minimal cost. You can opt for such package deals as these can be cheaper than individual services.

Thus, to start travel business from home in UAE, consider online platforms like white label websites. These are cost-effective means of conducting travel business in the lucrative tourism of the UAE. You can operate as a travel agent easily with white label portals developed by skilled companies like Trip Mega Mart and find success in the tourism industry.


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