Hotel Reservation System in UAE

Hotel Reservation System in UAE

Close to 50% of the UAE GDP is generated by the services sector like the hotel industry. Many people all across the emirates are employed in the services sector. While there are big names in this market, smaller and independent service providers are also thriving. They are using digital platforms to advertise and grow their business.


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A tried and tested travel portal development company, Trip Mega Mart, has a hotel booking portal development service to make it easy for you to start an online hotel reservation business.

Why Trip Mega Mart?

Their websites come with hotel API integration so that customers can book their hotels as per real time data collected from a variety of sources like hotel suppliers and hotel aggregators.

The high-quality API system that they have incorporated on their websites eliminates the problems of over-booking, double booking or sudden cancellations. Their website allows users to browse through the rooms available at different hotels for different dates, see their prices and even make a payment. Add-ons as well as cancellations with hotel bookings can also be managedwith the help of the same portal.

The best and the most convenient part is that their hotel booking portal development service has a payment portal integrated in it. This portal provides secure and quick transactions. third party payment gateway integration can also be done seamlessly on the website.

Trip Mega Mart has the best solution for travel agencies, tour operators, and other service providers that need Flight & Hotel Aggregators for Travel Agents in UAE.

Hotel API Integration should be integrated into the white label travel portals' websites and applications in order to reap its benefits. Let’s have a look at the benefits:

Benefits of Hotel API Integration in UAE

  • Better Business - Hotel API integration is ideal for attracting new customers and accelerating your revenue. When customers are able to complete their searches by making a reservation, they would find your portal a better platform to make their tour plans. It not just saves the time of customers, but also ensures you have loyal customers to your business.

  • Multiple Bookings - You can use Hotel API integration on your travel portal to accept multiple flight bookings from your customers. You can cater to a large number of travelers without worrying about running out of options. You can offer one-way bookings or bookings for round trips based on the customer's requirement. Besides, your customers can access a large inventory of airlines and know about their availability status on a real-time basis. This is useful for making informed tour plans. This also allows saving on expenses as the travelers can get to know the price rare for different dates ahead of time.

Additionally, API solutions that provide GDS Integration Services in UAE such as XML, GDS API, and API Flight & Hotel Integration can assist white label travel portals' websites and apps manifolds.

Trip Mega Mart is prepared to assist anyone interested in developing a White Label Travel Portal in UAE. Get in touch with Trip Mega Mart now.

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